GamesRadar: 4 Ways SmackDown! 09 destroys competitors

With TNA iMPACT! hitting shelves last week, GamesRadar thought they'd remind you of the other colossal wrasslin' game this fall, the lengthily titled WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 09. This year's annual (don't call it an update) installment celebrates ten years of SmackDown-iness.

THQ "conveniently" happened by the GR tower last week to give us a better look before Smackdown! hits shelves this November. Not only were they incredibly impressed, but their expectations were subverted as well. Read on for why you should give a damn about this season's three-count.

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InMyOpinion3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Yukes! are the best at wrestling games. Are they developing this game or are they working on the UFC game?

Jamegohanssj53742d ago

Yukes is also doing the UFC game and they have already stated that they're using a totally different engine. It's not the same as the smackdowns. THQ will be publishing it.


GametimeUK3742d ago

Lay the smackdown on the 360 = RROD
poor bots