Easy Allies Game of the Year 2016

Easy Allies:
2016 has been a phenomenal year for games, and we had a tough time narrowing the field to twelve nominees. Now see which takes home the prize.

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Genuine-User831d ago

Such a fantastic year in gaming!

Their GOTY pick just solidifies my respect for EZA.

UCForce831d ago

Don't forget about DuelShocker. They earn my respect as well.

Marcello831d ago

Thats damn right EZA, TLG is GOTY !! I loved every second of it. IGN & anyone else that downgraded its score just cos of fps issues or the non issue camera, just dont have a clue.

UCForce831d ago

Well, I would be a little bias, but yeah I prefer EZA.

UCForce831d ago

Uncharted 4 is my GOTY, but my honor go to TLG. Because the game deserves a praise. Thank you, EZA.

DragonDDark831d ago

I can't decide between TLG & U4..

UCForce831d ago

Well, it's your choice. For me, it's Uncharted 4, but my honor go to TLG.

Genuine-User831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

I find my self in the same predicament.

brew831d ago

I struggled a bit between the two also , but ultimately picked The Last Guardian.

kraenk12830d ago

Some of the best and respectable guys in the gaming scene. Great choice...also liked their top three.