Phoenix Games Asks: Is the iPhone becoming a legitimate gaming platform?

With the iPhone becoming so popular and so many games being created for it, is the iPhone becoming a legitimate gaming platform. It is safe to say that we are watching the evolution of a new gaming platform.

When Apple opened up the iPhone to third party developers, an explosion of applications appeared on the newly launched App Store. The game section has seen tons of additions from smaller game developing companies to the average Joe who has some coding experience. We have seen some really cools games come out from developers like Publisher X and Pangea Software. The iPhone offers these smaller companies an avenue to get their games out quickly to a hungry audience.

But to have the iPhone become a legitimate platform and become mainstream like the others, we need larger companies to spend resources on developing titles and market them to users. So, have any large developers released any quality games?

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Laexerias3716d ago

Not really, its a phone.

DevastationEve3716d ago

It will offer different kinds of games then what we'd play on consoles. So, sure it could be considered an "entertainment platform". But not a gaming platform. Most of us will buy it for its being a:

1) touchscreen phone
2) portable media device
3) really pretty phone (I can't really say that enough)

But I'm sure only the casual gamer would even consider it a competitor to the PSP. PSP just does things better.

Bolts3715d ago

The controls on iPhone games totally blows. Other than casino and puzzle games, it isn't good for much else.