Edge Interview: Kaz Hirai: The Station Master

Edge writes: "PlayStation 2 is still selling, PlayStation Portable is going from strength to strength, and PlayStation 3 has turned a corner, so the mood at Sony Computer Entertainment must be positive, especially following a period in which it faced successive PR headaches. We met with Kazuo Hirai, chairman and group CEO of the division, to catch up on the story to date.

Q: How are you? How's life at Sony right now?

A: Very good, I'm feeling very good. We've got a lot of PS3 titles out, like GT5 Prologue and MGS4, and you've seen [at E3] what we have lined up from just our first-party side for this holiday. The PS2 continues to just rock: nine years in and 130 million units later we're still in business. The PSP – what a resurgence; after we brought in the Slim and Lite version last year we just can't keep it in stock. We are firing on all eight cylinders – or all three platforms, if you prefer. We're feeling good."

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Wildarmsjecht3596d ago

this interview is oddly familiar to one posted..a little after E3.

King Kaz3596d ago

That's right, PIGS- your worst nightmare has returned! When King Kaz speaks, ALL will listen! I am The King of Sony, The Station Master, The Lord Of The Industry, I am..........KING KAZ!!!!!!!


Kratos Spartan3596d ago

Where in the HELL have you been? After Judgement Day, you just disappeared. You have a lot of explaining to do!


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

@Kratos Spartan ;) I think he has been to Busy thinking of ways of Killing the xBox 360 off!!!
(And it looks like it's working!!!) ;)
Keep up the good work my old Friend;)