Woolworths refuses to comment on leaked 360 price cut details

High Street retailer Woolworths has said that it will not comment on recent scans on the internet allegedly from the company's Christmas catalogue, and showing a price cut for all three Xbox 360 SKUs.

Images appeared last Friday which suggest the Microsoft console will be repriced in the UK at GBP 129.99 for the Arcade unit, 169.99 for the Premium unit and 229.99 for the Xbox 360 Elite.

However, the company said that it is working with various drafts of its latest Big Red Book, which all contain different prices, products and descriptions.

"Woolworths will not comment directly on the speculation that has appeared on various gaming websites as it is commercially sensitive information," said the company in a statement to

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Shadow Flare3743d ago

Xbox 360 + Price drop = Competitive with ps2 pricing

Competitive with ps2 pricing X only 3 years on market = LMAO

Drekken3743d ago

Going out of business sale?

YoshiMeetsU3742d ago

Come on? Going out of business sale? Really? I'm going to assume that was a joke and you are not that dense.

MS knows 360 momentum is slowing and this is a great way to shift some back its way. It was bound to happen going into your 3rd year.

Drekken3742d ago

Gimme a break - if you cant sense the sarcasm without the /s then maybe you are the dense one. I forgot what the crowd consisted of when I was typing the joke. Sorry for my ignorance(or yours).

AAACE53742d ago

If it was at the price of the Ps2 and started selling like crazy and made the Ps3 sales drop down to resemble the 360 sales in Japan... I bet you wouldn't be "LYAO" for long!

Seriously though, I don't think that was a real price, but if it will be the price for the holidays... It would make alot of parents doing christmas shopping pick one up just to save money by not buying a Wii or Ps3! Logic will say, you are getting better graphics than the Wii. Graphics close to or on par with the Ps3. For the price of a Ps2!

You may hate the 360, but alot of other people would not be able to turn down prices like that!

But like I said... I don't think those will be the real prices, so we are basically talking about nothing!

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rjgbyrne3742d ago

MS have clearly pre-empted and taken advantage of a design flaw with the original Xbox and corrected it as a business decision to cut the cost of console production. They did not have the rights to make the original Xbox cheaper or farm out the production to other companies like they can now. All that is happening here is they are able to produce the console more cost effetely and market themselves in a better light. Sony and Nintendo have always been able to do this and MS have just beaten them at their own game. I am very surprised Nintendo hasn’t dropped their cost yet but let’s see what happens at Christmas. Going out of business… Sony’s wish and probably yours too mate… be denser that the inside of a balloon! Ha! Now that was a joke!

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