AGDC08: Exploring the Endgame

Massively: The words on the first slide of the first talk at AGDC are evocative enough. "Damion Schubert, Lead Combat Designer, BioWare." Damion is a well known commentator on the MMO industry, a prolific writer and an entertaining blogger at the Zen of Design site. Last year his 'Casual vs. Hardcore' talk was one of the highlights of the event. This year he's returned to discuss the challenges and design decisions that go into making the final challenges in a Massively Multiplayer game.

Endgame gameplay, elder gameplay, is a mandatory and compelling part of the genre's equation. In fact, in Damion's opinion complex elder gameplay exemplifies what makes the massive genre what it is. Read on for notes from his engaging talk, with ... possibly ... some hints about what might be coming from the minds at BioWare.

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