Are the updated Rock Band 2 instruments worth your money?

Destructoid: "Harmonix's decision to not launch the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2 with instruments was a curious one, but understandable. The thinking is that with the original instruments completely compatible with the full game -- and so many of them already in gamers' homes -- offering it up as a bundle on day one wasn't necessarily a priority.

Instead, those who already have the instruments can pick up the standalone version of Rock Band 2. And those who are getting in to the game for the first time can now pick and choose their hardware from the new wireless guitar and wireless drum set, both of which are available for standalone purchase.

But what about everyone who already has a drum set and a plastic guitar or two (or three or seven) in their home? Are the new Rock Band 2 instruments worth it? After a few weeks of fairly heavy use, I've compiled some information that might help you out with your decision."

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cherrypie3590d ago

Rockband 2, and the Xbox 360 are going to fly off the shelves this Xmass.

Personally, I'm waiting for the bundle. But I know many people who will not. This is going to move many Xbox 360s.