GamesRadar: Fable 2 Preview

GamesRadar writes: "Peter Molyneux may be notorious for vaunting every new game as his eventual materpiece, but Fable 2 has always been a game with a hell of a lot of potential. An RPG with a killer central concept in its reputation system, its mission seems to be to crank up everything that fans loved about the original game to the next level, and allow freedom of character development to truly blossom in an open-world environment".

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GameOn3415d ago

I just hope it's not forgotten about in favour of Gears 2.

Blademask3415d ago

After those two games, there is absolutely nothing thats going to overshadow them. Or be as desirable.

I'd imagine people are going to be remembering gears2 and fable till the end of 2009.

GameOn3415d ago

sorry Blademask but your on my ignore list so I dont have to read your bias comments.

Kal8533415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

I never cared for GoW. It's all Fable 2 for me. And then after that Fallout 3.