Game Focus: Jeopardy Review

Game Focus writes: "Jeopardy it's easily one of my favourite TV gaming shows ever. So when I saw that Sony was releasing, , the game over to the PSN without any huge announcement whatsoever, I was very excited and I started dreaming about how it would be to play the game against three other people from other parts of the world and win lots and lots of money like Ken Jennings (except he was winning real money). So how is the Jeopardy PSN experience ? Find out in our review.

Like on the show, you and two other contestants will face each other by playing three Jeopardy! rounds: the Jeopardy! Round, the Double Jeopardy! Round, and the Final Jeopardy! Round. In the first two rounds, six categories are announced, each with a column of five trivia clues in the form of an answer each one valued in dollars. Each contestant must supply correct responses in the form of a question. In the last round, contestants will get to see the category the last question and then wager how much of their winnings they'd like to play for."

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And apparently, there's no Alex Trebek?