Ars Technica Review: Spore Origins, an evolutionary leap in casual gaming

Ars writes: "Spore Origins is a circumscribed version of the Cell Phase from the PC game Spore, and that's a good thing. The PC game has gotten mixed reviews, perhaps because it tries to do too much, but Spore Origins does much less much better-as long as you are playing it on an iPhone or iPod touch, that is. If you've ever seen a game on another phone besides an iPhone, you will never want to again. Spore Origins is one of those games that makes the benefits of a real OS on a portable device immediately clear to people who have no idea what "OS" stands for. After playing the entirety of the game, there is much good and just a little bad to say about Spore Origins. Somewhat surprisingly, the good begins with the most controversial aspect of gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch."

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