Blend Games: Gears of War vs Resistance 2: Final Round

Blend Games writes: "All-righty folks, this is it. After two brutal rounds of combat, Resistance 2 has managed to stand tall over Gears of War 2. There's a substantial gap between these two with the votes. However, this third and final round will make all the difference, as it will either give Gears 2 the one-up it needs to trump Resistance 2 in total votes, or it will prompt Insomniac's FPS to overtake Epic's TPS in a three round sweep. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm a bit excited over the final outcome of this versus battle.

At the end of this week be sure to check our Weekly Recap to see what the final tally is regarding the votes for both games. For now, though, let's get back to business. In this third and final round, this is simply a measure of marketing appeal."

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Hellsvacancy3416d ago

But will Gears b a better game than Resistance i personally think not.

The game-play ive seen (that big-ass monster) for Resistance is alot more appealing than Gears.

TheColbertinator3416d ago

The most exciting thing about both games is that neither Epic nor Insomniac have shown at least 5 percent of the game.The Chicago level that was shown was 4 perecent of R2 just like what was shown at E3 for Gears 2 was very little.

I remember back when MGS4 was about to release that people thought Snake was gonna be only in the middle east.Turns out there was a jungle part and a part in Eastern Europe which took everyone by surprise.

Gears 2 and Resistance 2 have many details that are waiting to be unveiled and I dont think what has been shown is doing the games justice.

marinelife93416d ago

For a game face off those are some weird categories to vote on.

Monchichi0253415d ago

Wow why do they continue to compare these two games???

Gears of War was game of the Year! FACT Resistance was a above average title when there was no other games to buy. This just seems like a classic game of one game trying to ride another games coat tale to get some excitement.

And Go ahead and press that disagree button all you want….but deep down inside you know Gears is a proven winner while Resistance is just living on Hopes of being a better game. You want numbers to back that up??? Sales numbers, review scores??

Hububla3415d ago

I love how you fanboys just say oh gears sold more so its better without actually giving any reasons why its better... besides graphics.. even ill admit gears beat R1 on graphics.. but sure its easy to have tons of polys with one color and nothing happening on screen.. and if you honestly think the run..shoot..cover..shoot..cove r..shoot..cover..shoot...cover gameplay is fun then well.. good luck with that.. also if i want to play 5 on 5 ill go play NHL 09 thanks..

Monchichi0253415d ago

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot winning Game of the Year hundreds of times over doesn't mean anything to you.

Can you please tell me how many NOMINATIONS Resistance got??? Well the answer is a BIG FAT ZERO!

So you stick with your own opinion that Resistance was better and I'll go with the millions of others that spoke out and voted that Gears was.

And sorry to tell you but I much prefer a smaller battle which takes skill then the mess that will be 60 people in a laggy room.

nbsmatambo3415d ago

i thing ive noticed about Sony is that they dont really market games as much as MS..

they should have spent a lot on marketing MGS4 but i dont think they did...

and in my opinion they should start hyping up LBP, SOCOM, MotorStorm

Hububla3415d ago

good job you follow a crowd.. while i actually use my head and make a logical decision.. of course gears got game of the year.. it WAS and i emphasise WAS the best looking game out at the time.. so people overlooked the crap multiplayer and repetitive gameplay (and you cant argue with that..even you have to admit you can beat the whole game by hiding and popping outa cover with the same gun) and voted with their eyes plus.. what was it really going up against?? nothing....?? gears 2 isnt even gunna be a consideration for game of the month let alone of the year.. plus the only thing they changed in gears 2 was throw in a few new kill animations and sacrificed draw distance for a tiny improvement in detail.... plus i bet you never even played resistance while ive played both IMO you can keep that garbage

BobDog3415d ago

resistance 1 was a good game, i still like a 20vs20 games of multiplayer now and then, beats cod4 sometimes.

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bunbun7773416d ago

for Gears 2 in the marketing. Then I saw that it was 40% Gears, 60% R2- but I can't imagine there's more money and hype being manufactured by Sony, or even the existing fans of R1.

I'll be busy playing Fallout 3 anyways- Have fun gamers!

Mr_Bun3416d ago

The vote was to include "what would make a better movie" as well as current marketing. I think Gears2 obviously has figures and the gun to buy but I think the story for R2 is a lot deeper and would make for an epic movie!

Spydiggity3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

nothing deep about the story in either game. and i've seen these stories over and over again. in movies and games.

both will be fun to play. but lets not treat these games like they are story telling masterpieces. it's the action, plain n simple.

bioshock was a game that i played through twice cuz i enjoyed the story and the original concepts so much. i played through gears twice cuz i liked seeing bodies explode and head's pop off. and the first resistance...well...i really only played it cuz of the hype around resistance 2. it wasn't anything special but it had some cool moments.

in the end though....gears is going to outsell resistance by a ton of money and ppl will be playing it for years after it comes out. i think resistance will be popular til killzone comes out. i know i'll probably rent resistance since the multiplayer looks pretty blah but i'm sure the co op will provide for several hours of entertainment. i'm much more excited for horde mode in gears.

EDIT: i know ppl will respond to this with "horde mode is only for 5 ppl and resistance is 8 player co-op." so?? it's not about the number, it's about the way the game motivates you to work as a team. having 8 ppl playing a co op game will be fun but i can imagine that if you're playing on the psn...which you will be...chances are half the ppl in your party won't have headsets and you won't know them. and so a lot of the action won't be coordinated and you'll miss a lot of things cuz some guy that's already done it ran ahead and completed a bunch of the objectives.

ultimate9203415d ago

at the same day, I would see Gears first and then Resistance (saving the best for last)

If there were books, I would read the Resistance stories more than the Gears ones...

Basically because while Gears has better gameplay than R2 (They are still good games) Resistance has a better story than Gears

AngryHippo3416d ago

....Both games will be great in their own right. Gears will be a fantastic title sticking to what made the first title great which was brutal close quarter combat, fast duck and cover gameplay, and getting to ride a reaver and brumak?! COUNT ME IN.

Resistance is looking amazing as well with an incredible scale, and alot of variety, from the 300 foot leviathon to the fast passed half human half chimera things that sprint through the streets of an abandoned chicago. 8 player co-op campaign and 60 player multiplayer?! COUNT ME IN.

Both these games look fantastic and are must buys this holiday season. I for one cannot wait to get to play both these fantastic looking titles.

LeonSKennedy4Life3416d ago

Bubbles for being cool...

Epic fails for trying too hard...

MAGNUM-RAM3416d ago

I'm alot more interested in R2 personally.
gears bothers me because you have to wait for someone to be
done doing thier execution animation before you kill them.
I'm not a fan of turn based kill moves.

AngryBot3416d ago

It does everything better than Gays in war.

Its going to rock.

cahill3416d ago

60 player online, 8 player co-op, 2 SP mode, 300 feet bosses

GOTY FPS 2008 if not GOTY 2008

militant073416d ago

wth do you mean by turn based its not RPG

KiddyBrownTurd3415d ago

I liked u better with one bubble.

you are pretty damn stupid, you know that? they changed it so u can die during an animation in Gears 2, dumbass.

i hope u get that game so i can kill u and stomp your face in the ground.

juuken3415d ago

R2 is going to be epic.
Gears 2 will still be a good game though, as much as I don't like it.
I preordered R2 last night. :D

KiddyBrownTurd3415d ago

good for u. now PM me a pic of ur freshly shaved twat.

juuken3415d ago

Go stick your c*ck in an electrical socket ya sexist jerkoff.

KiddyBrownTurd3415d ago

ill send u a pic of me if u send me one of u. but it better be presentable. im telling you right now.

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Veronica Belmont3416d ago

I dont care if resistance 2 or gears 2 wins this so called battle that has been made up, they are 2 completely different games doing 2 completely different things you cant compare them. Personally I prefer resistance 2 because I know the story will continue to amaze and so will the scale of the gameplay.

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