New Disaster: Day Of Crisis Trailer

ONM: It's all kicking off in this new Disaster: Day Of Crisis as a volcano erupts, an earthquake causes buildings to crumble and a tsunami strikes. All in one day. Now that's unlucky.

Then there's the group of terrorists who are taking advantage of the situation by stealing a nuclear weapon. It all falls to Ray to sort the crisis out and we can see him in the trailer speeding away from the disaster zone in his car and gunning down enemies. It all looks very exciting.

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chanmasta3568d ago

... trailer, simply awesome!

Day one buy for me!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3568d ago

Looks good.I will DL right away

chanmasta3568d ago

...DL = Download... tut tut tut.

KyRo3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

This game looks promising.
Maybe ill actually get to use my wii this year, not even SSBM held my attension for long :(

kunit22c3568d ago

is good but old your a little late... how long has this trailer been out a week??

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