Analysts Predict Whether You Will Buy 'GTA IV' DLC

In a report issued Friday to review publisher Take-Two's earnings and EA's faded interest in buying the company, analysts Michael Pachter and Edward Woo of Wedbush Morgan Securities discussed the near future of the "Grand Theft Auto" publisher.

A stand-out element of their analysis is the following prediction about the performance of the Xbox 360-exclusive "GTA IV" downloadable content, in which they estimate how many of you "GTA IV" owners will buy the supposed two-part offering.

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Why o why3477d ago

with only gears and fable out in terms of exclusives its a given that it will do well. Im still interested in what it will be and its price. I know many who are tired of GTA and all that it encompased. I personally didnt hate it like some have but that might be due to the fact that i didnt bother with the previous 2 gta's so i was playing it at face value and took it for what it was and not like it was meant to be the second coming..

YoshiMeetsU3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

"with only gears and fable out in terms of exclusives"

There are more exclusives than that and the last time I checked people don't buy just exclusives.

Anway, I am buying the first DLC and if it's good will buy the rest as well.

gaffyh3476d ago

I'm not buying the DLC, I wouldn't have bought it on a PS3 version either, game is boring.

AAACE53476d ago

I will only buy the DLC if the price is right and the content on hand feels worth it!

I don't understand why some people didn't like GTA 4. To me it's great! I guess they were expecting GTA 4 to not evolve and stay the way it was. To me the past GTA games were great as well (at the time), but the franchise needed new life and needed to twist things up a little bit. When I first started playing it I didn't like the changes. But after I got used to it... I can see why it got such high scores and is considered one of the greatest games ever made in my opinion!

I guess some others just didn't get it! Also keep in mind that the ones who didn't get it probably didn't know that GTA games actually had a story to them, and all they did was go around and create havoc!

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Hellsvacancy3477d ago

I didnt hate GtaIV , it just didnt live up to the hype for me nor did it expand from the previous games which was a let down i expected alot more - maybe thats my fault.

I dont understand how analysts can predict who or how many people are gonna buy the Dlc

The Dlc will b a it if its the right price i would'nt expect to pay more than £7 for it nor would i pay more

GameOn3476d ago

You cant really go into how much you would pay for it until you know what it's going to include.
ATM we know nothing. It could be anything from more missions to a whole new island, and i think a new island is worth more than £7.

We just have to wait and see.
Oh yah, I'm not getting it.

AAACE53476d ago

You got Ps3 fanboys trying to make people think that 100+ million people are going to buy a Ps3 tomorrow, or with Ps3's next high proflie title!

You got 360 and Ps3 owners predicting the Wii will come to a halt once everyone magically opens their eyes and see it's not real gaming!

You have Xbox 360 fanboys predicting the 360 will dominate all!

It's just peoples opinions... Nothing more!

omimasum3476d ago

i doubt microsoft will let $50m go to waste if rockstar dont give the dlc a price

Shadow Man3476d ago

If the DLC turns out to be a bunch of missions (it probably will) I selling my copy. The only reason I still own GTAIV is to see what the dlc will be.

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