Finally snag an Xbox One Elite controller with this $37 discount

With the holiday's right around the corner, this Xbox One Elite controller makes the perfect stocking stuffer, whether if it's for you or someone else.

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CrimzonRazor733d ago

Ive had two of these and for the price they dont hold up, the first one's headset jack went out so I got a replacement then that one the left thumbstick started to drift up. Two in less then a year has not sold me on this controller so I went to scuff

whitesoxfalife1976733d ago

i think you're lying. Did you use the app to fix your "DRIFTING" issue.

Nu733d ago

whitesoxfalife19765 I don't think he's lying. My elite LB button has fallen off. The price doesn't reflect the quality of the controller. I can provide a pic of my controller if you don't believe me.

whitesoxfalife1976733d ago

@Nu i can understand buttons being broken from usage and all, but drifting issues is not that big of a deal specifically if you fix the dead zones using the app....The fact that he/she said they bought an scuff controller on the third try. If the mic input was messed up during the warranty period i wud have sent it back to MS to fix it not go out and buy a second controller so to tell me that you spent up 500 dollars on three controllers is bullshit....

CrimzonRazor732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

it dont correct it, plus why would I waste time to lie. If I turn it on its like im pushing up on the stick nonstop the app cant solve that.

CrimzonRazor732d ago

@white did not say I BOUGHT TWO said I HAVE HAD TWO, the second was a replacement it went bad and I got a scuff stop assuming you know answer's not given. Anyways is what it is they arent worth the money

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