Carmageddon: Max Damage Review | Quarter to Three

Tom Chick - "But regardless of any specific issues with this release, Carmageddon remains a classic and a rare example of gameplay as comedy. Who’s to say whether it would have been created if Charles B. Griffith hadn’t written Death Race 2000? But it’s worth noting that there hasn’t been a movie like it, either in the tiny killer car genre or otherwise. And I’m not aware of gameplay in any open-world game that specifically involves hitting pedestrians. Either it simply can’t happen (The Crew), or you just pretend it didn’t happen (Watch Dogs 2), or you acknowledge that anyone driving over pedestrians is a psycho, so have at it if that’s your bag (Grand Theft Auto V). But Carmageddon: Max Damage is unique, hilarious, a little long in the tooth, and a comedy Charles B. Griffith would be proud to have inspired."

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