GameSpot: The Force Unleashed Wii Review

So if you're hankering to wave around your remote and slash up Jawas, this is your chance, though The Force Unleashed may not be as raucously entertaining as you may have expected. Nevertheless, if you've got five or six hours to kill, this is a decent way to spend them, particularly if you're a Star Wars devotee looking to fill in the gaps between Episodes III and IV. It's too bad that so many annoyances and all that random arm waving get in the way because they detract from a game that had the potential to be a lot more.

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Sena Kobayashi3598d ago

Why am i not surprised about that?

Im of to Another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

CadDad3598d ago

Do we see a lot of reviews where "pressing (x) button" a lot gets old fast?

It's basically a button masher, where mashing buttons has been replaced by wand waggling.

The reviewers of today need to adapt to the way games are played on the Wii, and leave personal opinion of how the control system works out of it. If the waggling is unresponsive, slow, or just doesn't work right, that's one thing, but not liking the control setup is entirely another.


MiloGarret3597d ago

Actually yeah... It is criticized. And its one of the major criticisms against force unleashed, that its combat is repetitive button mashing.

ChickeyCantor3597d ago

Its okai to hit the same button for 20 years.
Wii just does it differently and its all bad...
Meh, pathetic.

BrotherNick3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I realized that with reviewers they complain about moving so much lol. "This is also your most wrist-wrenching move because it involves holding down four buttons and thrusting both the remote and the Nunchuk forward." OMGZ MY WRISTS! I'm thinking they aren't used to the controls...I've played a bunch of wii games and you get a better hang of how to use it when you play it more. Camera issues may be my only gripe here. I wasn't expecting much more than the ps2 version in graphics because of budgeting for multiplatform games tend to toss their money in that direction. If this game sells just as well on the wii versions they may start tossing some money that way. Star Wars is something all ages like and I'm looking forward to multiplayer. In the meantime I hope the reviewer's wrists recover from so much strain.

MiloGarret3597d ago

Yeah you're right, these guys don't play enough video games, and certainly not the wii enough. Its not like its their jobs! wait.

meepmoopmeep3598d ago

Star Wars: The Flop Unleashed


BLuKhaos3597d ago

0 agrees and 2 disagrees looks like your comment flopped lol jk.

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