Here’s how PlayStation 4 sales stack up to the best-selling game consoles ever

The PlayStation 4 has already moved more units than the Super Nintendo.

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theXtReMe1462d ago

So, if we have another 2-3 years... it should easily surpass the PS3, maybe knock on the Wiis door. Thats really good, considering that last gen systems lasted 10 years and are still selling. I am thinking we will see the PS5 in 2018. That gives Microsoft a year before Sony could release something much faster. At least, it would make great business sense for Sony to do so.

It will be a very interesting next couple of years. The winners: us gamers. Doesnt matter if youre a Sony or Microsoft supporter, these new machines will be amazing!

crazychris4124462d ago

PS5 in 2018 would mean a 5 year cycle, not going to happen. My money is on 2020 which means a 7 year cycle and is what we notmally get, last gen was an exception.

NohansenBoy462d ago

PS4 Pro should technically be considered a 9th gen gaming console anyway since Sony made it mostly to compete with PC and soon MS will release a console to enter the same market.

bouzebbal462d ago

i think 2018, but PS5 will coexist together with PS4.
PS4 structure is more flexible, we can at least see one more Pro iteration in 2018 if PS5 doesn't make it for fall 2018.
All i know is with all the games coming up i will be playing to at least 2020

Liqu1d462d ago

It'll be around a 6 year cycle imo, which is normal for Sony. PS1 was released in 1994 in Japan 1995 in NA/EU, PS2 2000, PS3 2006 in JP/NA 2007 in EU, PS4 was released in 2013 in NA/EU 2014 in Japan. Both PS1 and PS2 had around a 6 year cycle, PS3 was an exception.

IamTylerDurden1462d ago

2020 haha. Hell no. There is no way in hell it'll be more than 3 yrs until PS5. 2018 or 2019. 2020 gtfo. PS3 had an unusually long life cycle and it was 7 yrs. So u expect PS4 to be the same? With how fast tech is moving and with the simplistic x86 architecture?

The reason PS3 lasted so long was due to the cell processor. The cell was intricate proprietary tech and it yielded huge returns later in its life cycle bc it took developers years to properly figure it out. The PS4 is a different animal entirely. The PS4 was front loaded whereas the PS3 was back loaded. There is no way the PS4 has 4 yrs left. In 2-3 yrs PS5 will debut, especially with Scorpio on the market. You think Sony will allow MS to have the more powerful console for 3 yrs?

Muzikguy462d ago

I'm thinking closer to 2020. 2019 wouldn't surprise me either. This is why I believe the whole MS Scorpio is a bad idea. Yes they'll get a year or 2 head start, but then they'll be behind when PS5 releases. I can't imagine Scorpio would sell that much in a few years to warrant keeping it around. MS will probably abandon consoles altogether after that, or release a successor to Scorpio. That would be bad for consumers because the life of the console wouldn't be long at all.

Anyway, those are just some ideas I have of what might happen. Nothing set in stone and just my opinion so don't come at me like a rabid dog. And for those that probably won't see my point of view, keep your "fanboys" to yourself.

GamerGT462d ago

I'm thinking 6 year cycle. PS5 @ 2019. Another 3 year mid-cycle with PS5 Pro @ 2022. Just speculation though, who knows.

Kokyu461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

The average console cycle until last gen was 5-6 yrs so 2018-2019 is not that unlikely, the only reason last gens console cycles where so long was the global recession. Last gen was an outliner not the norm. The Ps5 will be annouce 2018 and release holiday 2019, until Ps4P was annouced I was pretty sure Ps5 was a 2017 annoucement and 2018 release. Regardless what anyone think its already been confirmed Sony is working on the next Playstation.

Liquid gets it why is it so hard for people to understand?

starchild461d ago

Yeah, if anything the release of the PS4 Pro and Scorpio refreshes will probably give the generation longer legs.

The PS4 is also doing very well and I'm not sure Sony would be in a hurry to end it too soon.

Muzikguy461d ago


Sony has most likely been working on PS5 since this generation started. That's not really saying much considering. Not hard to understand. More like looking at the industry as a whole and understanding it. The Pro is most likely what Sony plans to help extend the generation. Why would they release it and then a new system so quickly afterwards?!


I agree and think the same

Themba76461d ago

i agree with the 2020 thing makes perfect sense thats why they released the pro to tide us over till then

jznrpg461d ago

Yeah it would be early 2019 holiday , 2020 seems to be the sweetspot imo.

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FallenAngel1984462d ago

Seems too soon. I expect PS5 to release only after PS4 sales start to drastically decline

UltraNova462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Yeah the Pro just got released!

PS5 will be out in 2019, at the earliest and only, if by some miracle, the scorpio does a lot better than the Pro for a lot longer than 3 months in a row worldwide and not just in one or two countries.

Master of Unlocking462d ago

I agree 2018 is too soon, but while the sales of the PS4 declining will factor in Sony's decision to release the PS5, you know that with the direction they have decided to go, i.e. follow the high-end PC/4K route with the PS4 PRO, they're bound to work on that too. One of their goal with the PS5 can only be to have native 4K @ 60fps all across the board, even on the most graphically intensive games, and the problem is that the very very high-end PCs capable of that still cost an arm and a leg today, and there's no saying if the price of the different parts to accomplish that will have decreased enough in 2019, or even 2020, let alone in 2018, for Sony to assemble them and offer the PS5 at a commercially viable pricepoint.

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Movefasta1993462d ago

ps5 in 2018???The pro will just start to take off during 2017/2018, i expect it to be revealed early 2020 and released late 2020.

Goldby461d ago

Sorry Move but the PS4 Pro isn't the console that started it all. it was the PS4. and that will not last 7 years at the rate we are going with games. 2018 at the latest is wehn ps5 wioll be announced/released.

But that doesn't mean the ps4pro is obsolete at that point and could still get support for another 5 years afterwards

Lonnie18462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

No no no buddy 2018 for ps5 is too early! lt will be late 2019 at the earliest and late 2020 at the 2018...

461d ago
Muzikguy462d ago

I think that would be too soon. In all honesty, I don't think Sony is worried too much about the Scorpio. They'll have a huge install base with their PS4 and I don't see Scorpio gaining much traction before the PS5 comes out. Sony can ride out the rest of the cycle with the PS4 and Pro delivering great games to a huge install base. No need to rush the end of the generation

Segata461d ago

Switch releases in 4 months. That's new hardware people are excited about. No matter what anyone says it is competition.

yeahokwhatever461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

I think its gonna flop pretty hard, TBH. As a parent, its way too pricey and fragile looking for me to even consider getting my kids. I'm getting them matching 3ds' instead. It's also way too slow and pointless for me, considering I have a PS4 Pro + PSVR. I don't think it will have the same casual appeal that made the Wii move units in the first place. It might do OK in the beginning, but there's no way that thing has legs.

jznrpg461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Its theoretical competition, but if it competes or not is any body's guess at this point. The Wii was an anomaly , Nintendo hasn't been a competitorfor years. I hope they do well,but failing is just as possible

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IceKoldKilla461d ago

PS5 in 2018? What kind of shit are you smoking? Can I have some?

461d ago
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CocoaBrother462d ago

In my opinion, this would be a more interesting chart if handhelds were included since handhelds are considered gaming consoles

FallenAngel1984462d ago

This article is just focused on home consoles since the PS4 is one. Including handheld systems is unnecessary.

DashArrivals462d ago

Does that mean my phone is a gaming console? I have lots of games on it, and I hold it in my hand when I play games on it.

CocoaBrother462d ago

Apples to oranges. Cell phones are designed for communicating with other people. Games are not the forefront for their existence; while handheld systems, such as the 3DS and Vita, are designed for gaming in mind first and foremost.

WeAreLegion462d ago

Where does the N-Gage come in?

2pacalypsenow462d ago

Should we add phones then too?

_-EDMIX-_461d ago

.... or since it's a different Market you could just have a chart for Portables.

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Antnee534462d ago

I don't think we will ever see a console surpass the ps2 just don't seem possible lol

PhoenixUp462d ago

I agree.

PS2 was already at 51.20 million sold by this point in its lifecycle.

PS4 sales would have to go into extreme overdrive if it hopes to outsell the reigning champ at the end of its lifecycle.

462d ago
PhoenixUp462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

You don't seem to fully understand. Just to make it easy, here's a visual demonstration of what I'm talking about if you somehow happen to still be in doubt.

Up to the point before this current holiday season, PS4 was selling at a faster rate than PS2 since day one. Now even after the Black Friday weekend, to which Sony themselves reported that this was their most successful BF in PlayStation history, the PS4 is still falling behind PS2 sales in the same timeframe. You don't get much better than having your most successful Black Friday.

That much should tell you that the gap is going to continue to grow at a pretty fast rate. It's not just 1.2 million units to consider, it's the rate at which this gap will grow as each quarter goes by that you really have to comprehend. Even when PS4 does well this Christmas month, PS2 will still be ahead.

There's no doubt PS4 will continue to sell extremely well. However it's extremely unlikely it can somehow pull itself ahead of the rate PS2 sold in its lifecycle, especially with the current Japanese console market in a state of decline.

462d ago
PhoenixUp462d ago

You honestly think PS2 didn't also have its own slew of killer app games in the same timeframe to keep its hardware sales consistently high?

Also what part of "even after receiving the most successful BF weekend in history, the PS4 is still selling slower than PS2 at the same point in its lifecycle" did you not understand?

462d ago
PhoenixUp462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Dude the PS4 started selling at a much faster rate than PS2 since it came out. The fact that it's now selling slower should tell you this isn't going to be a back and forth situation, especially after PS4 just came from having the brand's most successful Black Friday weekend ever.

You seem only look at that current number gap and not see the bigger picture. I'm telling you that the 1.2 million difference is only going to grow in future quarters, especially with PS4 needing to make up for the declining Japanese console market that the PS2 didn't have to deal with.

Seriously if the brand's most extremely successful Black Friday weekend couldn't keep PS4 ahead of PS2, idk how you can honestly think some other factor can do better than the most lucrative period of the entire year.

I didn't create the graph but I'm certain it's sold through numbers for PS1.

buttcheeks462d ago

But ps4 sale had a slowdown for a couple of months due to the pro announcement but since its release they are back up

462d ago
PhoenixUp462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

@ butt

PS4 was already on track to fall behind PS2 before the announcement of the Pro even happened.

@ Chaise

Now you're just reaching for an excuse. Trying to bring up any shortages early on in PS4's lifecycle is pretty pointless when you realize Sony had already long since resolved the issue.

PS4 was still ahead of PS2 since day one, especially when you consider that PS2 was only available in Japan for seven months before it arrived in western markets while PS4 launched in western markets first. Yet despite the advantage of releasing first in North America and Europe, the PlayStation brand's two most successful markets, the PS4 eventually still fell behind PS2 going into its third full year on the market. There is no spinning these facts around.

I'll repeat this question again because you really don't seem to understand or just don't want to answer. If having the most successful Black Friday(the most lucrative time of the year) in the brand's entire history couldn't propel PS4 sales ahead of PS2 sales, what makes you think some other factor has a better chance at doing so?

jwillj2k4462d ago

both of you stop arguing and go buy another ps4.

mocaak462d ago

Those are shipped numbers, not sold. PS4 sold 50 mil units.

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_-EDMIX-_461d ago

agreed it was also a different time in the market where Sony had so much market share before Microsoft really made a name for themselves.

461d ago
quent462d ago

Wonder how well the SNES wouldv'e sold if the gaming industry was as big then as it is now

PhoenixUp462d ago

The gaming industry grew because of Sony's introduction to the hardware market. You obviously can't have both things happen concurrently

CapitalGamerNZ461d ago

I wonder how much it actually grew by versus existing gamers simply buying into the Sony echo system. Keep in mind when the PS1 hit the gaming scene that Amiga, Atari and Sega were still very much alive and kicking.

Be interesting to know how many console gamers there are actually out there and how that has changed from mid 90's through to today? Its not like there are 150 million people that owned a PS2; and how many PS2 owners also owned an Xbox 360?

PhoenixUp461d ago

Considering that PS1 alone sold more than every fourth gen console combined, it's pretty clear that the brand caused the demographic of gaming to grow exponentially.