1UP: Duke Nukem 3D Hands-On Preview

1UP: "Modern first-person-shooter fans kind of take things easy. That is, while someone might comment about a preference for Call of Duty 4 over Halo 3, there aren't that many out-and-out rivalries among FPS fans -- the closest we'd have is something like Resistance versus Duke Nukem 3D and Quake was pretty much a Jets-vs.-Sharks or 50-Cent-vs.-The Game type of situation -- you pretty much played either game, but not both. Gamers argued passionately about subjects such as how Quake's 3D engine made it the clearly superior game over Duke's 2.5D engine; or how Duke's more engaging personality and better use of humor and satire made up for any lapses in technology, while also making it clearly better than Quake. Now, modern gamers can experience one side of this FPS loyalty with the Xbox Live Arcade release of Duke Nukem 3D."

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Too many games MS...Please slow down.

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then you should buy a ps3 its your only solution =P