1UP: Fable 2 New Hands-On Preview

1UP: "Peter Molyneux has said enough about Fable 2. You can go back and read all sorts of previews and news items and interviews featuring plenty of snazzy quotes and proclamations from him. He, his cohorts at Lionhead, and Microsoft probably realized that he's said enough now, and rather than have him talk again the imminent title, they decided to just let people play the game. Which is exactly what happened at the latest press tour: Molyneux let us start new games, and left us alone for three hours. Since Molyneux himself has remarked that everytime he looks at someone play Fable 2, he sees a different and unique hero/play-style, Alice and Scooter decided to jointly describe their experiences in playing Fable 2 from beginning to wherever they ended up..."

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Kal8533564d ago

Awesome. I can't wait for this game!!

AngryHippo3564d ago

.....looking forward to this title, i loved the first fable and this looks to be far better. Cant wait