Week of Celebration Announced on The Witcher Website

GamingShogun writes, "CD Projekt RED are celebrating the forthcoming launch of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with a full week of brand new content at the official website...Throughout the week visitors to the site will have exclusive access to new developer previews of the new adventures, an all-new The Witcher: Enhanced Edition ringtones pack, new developer diaries and interviews, exclusive music and much more..."

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Perjoss3445d ago

This is great,
I started playing the witcher just before they announced the enhanced edition, I was early into the game and as much as I was loving it I decided to stop playing and wait for this version with improved voice acting and better models etc. I cant wait now.

Thing is they could have easily just dumped it and started working on a sequel, but they didn't expect the game to get such good reviews and decided to improve on the original, not enough companies do this these days. Blizzard still patch Starcraft and keep games that appear to be long finished in testing for a very long time.