Best Guild Application - Ever

WoW Insider: "I've only ever written two guild applications, but I used to pride myself on writing a damn good one, the sort of application you might see written by the manager of a successful hedge fund, or possibly Mother Teresa. So I had my doubts when tipster Roflharris wrote in to tell us that a friend of his, MsFahrenheit of Sylvanas-EU, had submitted what was possibly the best guild application of all time to Anointed, but it's completely true. You'd have to try pretty hard to top this fully-animated, written and visual joke-infested riot. I just about died when he hit the part about how he got class leader and what attempts on Kalecgos were like."

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gambare3591d ago

That was really a good application, I gonna put the direct link, is something to see.


mfwahwah3591d ago

It was pretty cool, couldn't really bear to watch the whole thing though.

highps33591d ago

This is seriously sad. People really need to get outside more. MMORPGS are definitely video games crack.

mfwahwah3590d ago

So the guilds that work to take down some of the hardest bosses in the world (currently, not talking about past) should just let everyone in and not check their gear or past experience?

Even if you don't play WoW addictingly, that would be one of the most retarded things to do if you want to get anywhere in end game.