Race Pro - New screenshots

Atari published a batch of new Race Pro screenshots. Check them out.

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cahill3541d ago

If you are trying to compare it with ultrarealistic GT5P then u will be disappointed
However PRO looks as good as Forza 2

Please leave the king GT5P alone.(1080p native , 60 fps)

Xi3541d ago

in game, gt5p looks the same as every other nexgen racer, it only really shines in it's replay's due to the increased AA, texture quailty, and better lighting models, otherwise the game is meh.

chasuk083541d ago

Im sorry but im a ps3 fanboy and gt prologue is no where near as polished as everyone says it is. It has horrible aliasing problems.

Perjoss3541d ago

GT5: amazing car models (really) but tracks that seriously lack detail, yeah there is a reason its 60 fps, and AI that will put you to sleep fast. I really hope they add some off road stuff in there for the final version, I don't mind racing against the clock when the AI is poor, didn't one of the previous GT games have a rally mode, maybe I'm thinking of another game.

Perjoss3541d ago

and as for 1080p gaming...
If all games game with 2 options:

1. 720p with anti aliasing
2. 1080p with no anti aliasing

I'd take option 1 every time, In my humble opinion gaming is not quite ready for true 1080p gaming, the extra resolution means you have to sacrifice detail and 'post' effects. And yes I own a large 1080p TV and both my 360 and ps3 are connected via HDMI.

radio0o3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

isnt this the game that some people were trying to say would rival Gran Turismo? it looks the same if not worse than the other racers released so far. there is no contest here. GT5 is on another level.

MNicholas3541d ago

I really thought they'd try harder. It's possibly on par with Forza 2 and that's not saying much. The shadow resolution is low, the car models are mediocre and the interior view is terrible. The lighting is also dull. If the graphics are this mediocre I would hope it runs at 60fps.

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DA_SHREDDER3541d ago

Game looks good, but its nowhere near as polished as prolouge is.

cahill3541d ago

GT is the king of racing in visuals and gameplay

Montrealien3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Cahill, thinks he knows what he is talking about, cute. Stop humping anything sony you ingorant brand whore.

On topic: This game looks great, but yeah, graphically it aint as polished as GT5P, I still can`t can`t wait to try it out though, I love racing games. GT5 should be good also and it`s a day one purchase for me, anything Gran turismo has been day 1 purchase for me, before Cahill`s mom would let him use to computer all by himself. We seem to have a ways to go before we get to play the real GT5 so this will surely do for now.

InMyOpinion3541d ago

Yes, GT5P certainly is fun to look at.

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4cough3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Factoid for you Gt4 was not even a triple A title and neither will GT5....GT5p is a buggy mess with no crash damage<<<<<< <<<Simulator???? and never mind the fact that GT5p has the worst implement online play ever.

Another FACTIOD for you.....GT5p has the worst online componant ever made on a game EVER!!! Than includes online games from Dremcast and Ps2 and they were shocking but GTp is the WORST, It should get some award for being so friggin awful.

Montrealien3541d ago

stfu you loser, your making the sony fantwats look good right now, and that`s not good for you at all.

cahill3541d ago

60 fps, 1080p native

Ultrarealistic graphics

InMyOpinion3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

5 PS3 trolls in the Gamer Zone 1 minute after the article has been posted(approved, sorry). A new low reached.

Game looks nice. I'd like to see some ingame footage though. I'm curious to what it plays like.

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