Phoenix Games Reviews Beer Bounce for the iPhone

It's been a long day and you need to unwind. You meet up with a few of your friends at the pub and begin to throw back a few cold ones. The music playing is lame and there aren't any hotties in the place. The pool table is being hogged by a bunch of bikers and the football game isn't on. What to do? Your buddy pulls out a quarter.

Game on!

Publisher X brings everyone's favorite drinking game, Quarters, to the iPhone. For those who have never played this game before, you must bounce a quarter on the table and into a glass. If you miss, you must endure trash talk from your friends while taking a gulp of delicious beer.

Beer Bounce brings a tavern feel to the digital version of quarters. The game begins by choosing the type of currency you want to use, coins from a nine different countries. Each coin is made up of a different type of metal giving them different bounce characteristics. This takes a very simple one level game, and creates nine different gaming experiences. Place your finger on the coin and drag it up, release to drop the coin. With any luck, it will bounce into the mug and you will be cheered on by your friends. Miss and you will hear some of the best insults and trash talk. Whoever did the voice over for this game is great.

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