Joystiq Interview: Peter Molyneux on Fable 2, Too Human, and Lionhead's 'shocking' next game

Joystiq sat down for a chat with Lionhead founder Peter Molyneux to talk about how his latest game has shaped up. Also, does he still think the first game was all that bad? And what does really think about a game he's recently found himself associated with, Too Human?

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tatari3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Sorry, but the Related Games thing doesn't want to work with this news.

NO_PUDding3596d ago

If I was to add a 'gami' onto the end of your name, would I know you from TIG on EG?

tatari3596d ago

NO_PUDding you're right, it's me ;)

LeonSKennedy4Life3596d ago

That "experiment" already sounds promising. I WANT IT!

NO_PUDding3596d ago

Didn't Fable sound really promising too?

Basically I wouldn't get your hopes or hypes up, just wait and see. It's the most sensible option.

titntin3596d ago

Peter has always had vision, and is a genuine nice chap - I've the fortune to meet and chat with him. He's a very different beast from people like Dyack and Cliffy B, and his views are always interesting.

Enjoy it though I did, I was critical of Fable 1 on some issues, but I'm convinced that Fable 2 will deliver everything I'm looking for. Please!!:)
As for anything else thats comes out of his studio, you can guarantee it will be interesting and well worth looking at...

Xi3596d ago

I wonder if intrepid games was one of those "experiment groups" and if B.C is that experiment, considering it started just after black and white.

I would Die for them to revive B.C the game was going to be so amazing.