Barnett's Favorite Things About Warhammer

Massively: "In speaking with Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett, it's hard to misapprehend anything the man says. He's a guy with a forceful personality and a definite sense of 'go-get it done' spirit. It's exhausting just to watch him work, honestly, but also very engaging. In a conversation we had with the Creative Director via email Mr. Barnett offered up a few of his favorite things about Warhammer Online, things that he's noticed players have really responded to.

The man himself was kind enough to elaborate on these notes, for a feature encompassing the things that make WAR special. These are the things that Barnett has noticed players going ga-ga for, especially players that have jumped into MMOs in the past. From the Tome of Knowledge to little things like inventory management, check out the 11 things that make Warhammer the game it is today - in Paul Barnett's own words."

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