Final Fantasy XIII is most wanted game in Japan

Every week the Japanese magazine Famitsu asks their readers which game they want most. Click on read more to see the top 15 of the Famitsu most wanted and find out which games Japanese want as soon as possible.

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Darkiewonder3593d ago

you think that with all the work Microsoft is putting into the 360 in Japan they would have more interest in that system. At least Star Ocean made an appearance on the popularity chart.

mohib-uddin79865323593d ago

I used to love FF to btis when Squaresoft made it

Now i feel its fading away and that Square-Enix are not giving it the justice it deserves

Heck they said FF13 wont even have an MP system. WTH !

Overr8ed3593d ago

not surprised by the list. but where is White Knight?

sumfood4u3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

U think!? Of course it is we waited more than 5 freaking years since its Announcement. >.< I don't care if it comes out on xbox just bring it to my PS3 I just hope it doesnt dissapoint me like FFXII did it had great graphics but lacked critical characters an story. What good is a RPG without a story? ahh a perfect example of great RPG Final Fantasy X. Squaresoft needs to be Reborn, an Show the World how we became fond of their complelling Story an characters. That the Gist of it. FF Fan 4lyfe, just speaking on it ya know!
Speaking of FFX im going to go play To Zanarkand on my piano peace out

Rick Astley3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

The last time we heard anything about WKC was at TGS 07 lol. We've been getting nothing but Square-Enix related stuff this year. The latest build of WKC will be shown at TGS next month.

On topic: Could you imagine what a FFXIII bundle would do for Sony in Japan? Oh man.

AAACE53592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

It's surprising that a 360 game even made the list! I know japan likes the Dragon quest games more than Final fantasy, but since the next one is going to DS and the next FF game will be on Ps3... FFXIII took over as the number one game!

@Mohib... The Final Fantasy you like has been having lower sales (by about a million units) with each new release. Which is what lead Square Enix to focus more on branching out to other territories. They figure making a FF game more like an action game will increase sales and add more popularity to the franchise!

Either that or you can watch as your beloved Squareenix stays stubborn until no one wants to play FF games except for HARDCORE rpg gamers... which are also lowering in numbers!

I know it's hard, but things have to change... and Squareenix realizes that!

@Chaos atom... No need for a price drop... Ps3 will be the only console in japan with FFXIII! It's the number 1 game wanted so they don't need a price drop. People will buy it!

And if I am correct... FFXIII will come our sometime around May or June in japan, and will release in US during Holiday '09 like SE originally intended! Looking at the games coming out this year for the holidays... it makes sense that SE would push it into late 09 for US, and it is probably a few months from completion for japan!

himdeel3592d ago

...3 seconds after this game is released. Godzilla will pick up the pieces and Megalon will reconstruct Japan into the shape of Hello Kitty's face. I'm just saying...this game will be huge over there.

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Fishy Fingers3593d ago

Better start saving up for a PS3 then guys....

chaosatom3593d ago

by the time FFX13 comes out in Japan.

VF34EJ253593d ago


It's inevitable. Seeing as how FFXIII isn't out til god knows in '09, a PS3 price drop is a must by then.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3592d ago

Why would a price drop help? If you cant even afford a ps3 by now then you mind as well forget about ever getting one. What do people expect for the price to drop to $200? Sorry this isnt an xbox we're talking about its a high quality Japanese machine. PS3 is at its best price and value ever, sorry guy but dont wait for a price cut, just buy one for 3 bills

strotee3593d ago

MS will regret not digging deeper into their pockets to get this for Japan.

deeznuts3593d ago

But it's also available on the PS3 in japan. It's not even close the numbers. People would just get it for the PS3 unless MS can pay for timed exclusivity, of which they would not.

Whoooop3593d ago

The game is PS3 exclusive in Japan...

deeznuts3593d ago

Yeah I know that. I was operating on the hypothetical that MS would have dug deeper in their pockets to secure it in Japan as they did in NA/EU.


B-Rein3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Looks like SE is still in sonys side (kinda), we all know Tatsuya Nomura still loves the PS brand

DevastationEve3593d ago

why turn this into a flamewar? We both like the game, so let's leave it at that. FF XIII will be a great game, but Xbox has many rpgs now and quite a few in the future. Why do you feel that Squeenix needs to be on Sony's side? Can't you see that having games on both platforms benefits both sides, since future games will have that much more money in their budget, which means better games for everyone? Jeez, some fanboys...

B-Rein3593d ago

hmmm you can put that in many ways, certian people do want games to go multi there are benifits from that but on the otehr hand there are benifits from exclusivity i.e the game cane be made to the best in the potential of that console, features in game can be added towards the features on the console and so on, reason i want SE on sonys side beacuse i started with ps1 and played ff7,ff8 and ff9 and they are the only game si played on ps1, on ps2 i played ffx, ffx-2 and ff12 and many other se games, nearly all my games are made by SE, i bort ps3 cus i for most SE games wud be on it and that the only console i have in this gen after i sold my wii and game up on my 360 cus of rrod last thing i want is SE goin all over the place with thei game and i cud have carrid on continuesley carried on gettin refurb 360s from M$ but no i didnt

arent you a fanboy aswel Apocaly (meaning end) ps3 = end ps3

Freezingduck3593d ago

A PS2 game is 5th the PS2 dead?

B-Rein3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

1up for sony, looks like this games gonna sell in japan, Only on PS3. Ps3 is definitly benefiting from FFXIII after all.... hmmm star ocean only xbox game, pretty low on the list, i dont think many japanese look forward for xbox games, last re`mnants there cus its also on ps3 (many are waiting for ps3 version)

SixTwoTwo3593d ago

Square Enix will regret not getting the PS3 Last Remnant out this year. It could easily sold them half a million copies over the holidays.

himdeel3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

...have to compete with one of their own titles. Maybe they'll release it before FF13 drops. They better if they want to see any profit from it. Japan will be on FIRE, F.I.R.E. when this game hits stores over there.

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