Postcards from Motorstorm's Pacific Rift (EDGE Preview)

While the dynamic essence of almost all videogames is lost when frozen into a single screenshot, MotorStorm is different. Its rough-and-tumble approach to racing means that plain sailing can turn into a mass of cartwheeling wreckage in an instant, a moment of drama that's over before the player is aware of it. And it's only in Pacific Rift's screenshots that its graphical detail becomes apparent: the shadowing that's applied to each vehicle as they pass under jungle canopies; the shine of the tropical sun on a fender; the way plants part as your tyres power through them.

In realtime, however, what you tend to see is more bland: wide raceways bordered by frustratingly sparse vegetation and nondescript mud, grass and stone textures, all with a layer of motion blur smeared over the top.

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