Console Warhammer Online would be a 'different game'

Speaking to Paul Barnett, Warhammer Online creative director, revealed that Mythic did look at bringing the game to console around two years ago but put those discussions on hold to concentrate on the PC game.

Barnett said: "We had a good look at the console about two years ago. The position we ended up with was it would have to be a different game. That's basically where we ended up with our thinking. And then Mark (Jacobs, Mythic co-founder) basically went 'I don't want to think about it yet. Stop thinking about it'. If Mark wakes up and decides we're going to do a console version then you'll get one as fast as possible. Just write a letter direct to Mark. 'I would very much like a console version. Please please please make one. Make it for this console'. He'll probably write back to you then and let you know. He's very good like that. Read his blog."

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LinuxGuru3537d ago

Too bad for them, the dev kits have become much better over the past couple years for both systems.

And with keyboard / mouse support on the PS3....I'd think porting an MMO would be a no-brainer!