Top 10: Star Wars Games

Alex from Link-Cable Writes: "So as we eagerly count down the hours, minutes and seconds till we get to return to that galaxy far, far away we here at Link-Cable decided to take a moment and look back at the best games to ever grace the Star Wars universe."

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icerob617d ago

wish they would update the old games and re-release on the new consoles. Rogue Squadron, Battlefront and Dark Forces..

NapalmSanctuary617d ago

I bought a BC Wii just to play RS 2 & 3, 2 days ago. Would be so much better to just buy HD widescreen optimized ports on ps4.

luckytrouble617d ago

Knights of the Old Republic was amazing, is amazing, and I still really want a true sequel to KOTOR 2. By true sequel, I don't even mean it needs to necessarily follow the story of the first two games. Just don't be another MMO.