Hideo Kojima on the birth of Death Stranding

It’s not Metal Gear, but as the gaming auteur reveals, his new PS4 game is still pure Kojima.

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Yukes648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Always enjoy reading interviews with Kojima. Fascinating man with true creative genius. The Death Stranding trailer was superb. It raised so many tantalising questions, and yet you just know that most of the answers are in there, hiding in plain sight.

Rodney25647d ago

It should raise a, what the hell kind of game is it type question.

Rodney25648d ago

I think people should be more cautious with a game we've literally seen no gameplay from. We don't even know what kind of game it is. I'm all for kojima's next game being good, but the only thing we know for a fact is that it has some TV actors in it. Doesn't that even worry anyone? Remember another little game we didn't know jack about and hyped it up? No Man's Sky ring any bells?

Unarmed_Civilian648d ago

Yea lets compare No mans sky with a game that Kojima is making without any restrictions from anybody.

Rodney25648d ago

I already knew that response was coming. I'm just saying it's the same situation, two games we knew nothing about and hyped the hell up. There's nothing wrong with some skepticism.

thejigisup648d ago

No, that's like not being excited going to see lebron play for another ring in the finals. Whether you like him or not he's a great player and consistantly excellent. Kojima falls into the same category of consistant excellence. No man's sky was overhyped, maybe a little bit, i would say the hype was appropriate. The game just didnt deliver initially...and some tv actors? psshhhh, just call them actors, they've been in other works which have also ranged from good to excellent.

Rodney25648d ago

But like LeBron it's possible he'll play a bad game. It's not hard to say, "oh man I haven't even seen the game yet maybe I should hold my expectations in check" if it's good then great! It's not like movies where if they show a trailer you get the tone of the film and can create a somewhat educated guess on whether you'll like it or not, we've yet to see or play any of it yet.