Peter Molyneux's Next Game Based On A Single (Secret!) Idea

Peter Molyneux is an idea man, his mind constantly spinning.

At the end of a brief chat last Wednesday, the "Fable II" designer told MTV a little bit about what he's up to after "Fable II" ships next month.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3414d ago

Another Exclusive for the Successful Playstation 3 Platform

DA_SHREDDER3414d ago

It took him a long time to find out that tons of features dont equal a good game. Just look at fallout 3. 500 possible endings. What is the point of that absurdity? Most people cant even count that high, how bout just work on the gameplay and try not to overwhelm people with these things people are never gonna try to do anyways? Most people wont even try to beat that game. I have GTA4 and made it too the last mission, and still didnt beat it. You know why? Because its the end of the game, there is nothing special after that.. God these devs know how to piss me off.

TheColbertinator3413d ago

Molyneux should make a game on robots.Your robot chooses whther he is good or bad and such

Xi3413d ago

He's passionate about his games, and I think thats the best defining chracteristic of a good developers. And he tries to push the boundries. If you don't care about what your doing, and you just keep pumping out the same tripe you'll never get anywhere.

kevanio093413d ago

Fable 3. One button for everything ^_^

On a serious note i think hes brilliant. Loved black and white's and fable, cant wait for fable 2.

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