Sega Games Streets of Rage and Altered Beast to return on Film and TV

Sega classics Altered Beast and Streets of Rage might soon be on a big screen near you!

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Kyosuke_Sanada620d ago

Calling it now;
Axel: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Blaze: Salma Hayek
Adam: Wesley Snipes

LastCenturyRob619d ago

Maybe they could play their grandparents

Retroman619d ago

Skip all that . reboot them for ps4 as physical disc.

619d ago
SegaGamer619d ago

I would rather they didn't.

Fullmetalevolust619d ago

if that's what it takes to make these games mainstream again and gain popularity among a new audience, then by all means, but dont just slap a title onto it and make a sucky movie.