No Trophies = No Buy?

PlayStation 3 Trophies have been live for over 2 months. A growing number of games include Trophy support. Some developers including LucasArts and Bethesda are about to release games that do not include Trophy support. If PS3 owners pay the same price for a game as Xbox 360 owners then they deserve equal features. If a developer doesn't include Trophies will you still give them your money?

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PirateThom3263d ago

Yes, because I play games for games, not to collect trophies or achievements. Some people seem to have forgot this...

dericb113263d ago

It doesnt matter if you play for games. They are saying why play for a game missing features in it? Would you buy a game for the same price as a collectors editions. No you wouldn't. I don't need trophies but have they have them on the 360 they should be on the PS3 too.

FantasyStar3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

I want developers to support Trophies and Custom Soundtracks just because. I have no interest in trophy-grinding, but I also hate how developers can pass off features like trophies as "cost-cutting" measures. I won't endorse their laziness with my money. I pay for premium quality games with all the features to boot. You think with Sony giving choice as to add trophies would encourage developers' to strive to make their own, but it's doing the exact opposite, we see this alot with multiplatform games. Maybe Sony should be more like Microsoft and rule their console with an iron fist, at least then the PS3 gamers will be enjoying the full features of their console.

A good example is that the PS3 version of Pure should support Custom Soundtracks. When I was playing the Pure demo on the 360, I was playing "Desperate Chase" from MGS4 and GOSH! IT WAS AWESOME! It right. We need more support for Trophies and Custom Soundtracks just because. Climb a mountain because it's there right? Not because there's personal gain out of it.

MattyF3263d ago

These games were nearly done with development before Sony introduced Trophy support. They aren't cutting features of their titles by not having Trophy Support. A feature would be something that has an impact on the overall experience, not something trivial like Trophy or Achievement support.

Sony is implementing that all developers must use Trophy support by this Fall and in 2009. It's not that big of a deal. If you want Achievement Points, then by all means get the 360 version of the game you want. If you base your enjoyment on getting little perks in a game, then you are playing the game for the wrong reason if lack of Trophy support is stopping you from getting the said title. Give it six months and every developer will be supporting the Trophy system.

theKiller3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

for low quality games if they didnt include trophies but the thing is when ps3 have extra advantage developers never take that advantage so that both versions of ps3 and 360 r equal and dont damage 360 version of the game but not vise versa, for example the extra space blue ray has, they could easily include many expansions or DLC and extra's at launch on the ps3 blue ray game but they dont!

this is the only problem, about no trophies for ps3 owners and there is achievements for 360 owners!! i guess sony needs to make it obligatory to make trophies for all ps3 games!

any way just because of this bias, or laziness or call it what ever u want, i wont buy any game now or in the future that supports 360 achievements and not ps3 trophies!!

and i think many people feel like how i feel from the ps3 owners, i say dont buy these games until they release trophies even if we dont really care about trophies for a specific game, do it to show them that we have rights and we r paying the money they feed them selfs!!

Blademask3263d ago

Since most of those are classic ideas of "arcade" games with leaderboards and not so much in depth story/singleplayer.

i dunno.

StephanieBBB3263d ago

They add a little minigame inside the actual game but I cans sure live without it if the game itself delivers. If farcry 2 wouldn't have trophies I would absolutely still buy it but if wipeout HD didn't have trophies I would probably really think over it before judging if I should buy it or not.

jmare3263d ago

Why does everyone forget that Sony did not make Trophies standard right now to avoid causing delays, especially at the holiday season? Next year they will be standard.

cherrypie3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Hey toolbox, Achievements and Medals are part of the game -- its a Meta-Game (of sorts).

Dont be ridiculous. Are you really trying to say "I want to buy the PS3 version, because it has *LESS*!"

Sheesh, clearly flawed fanboy logic at work here.

solidt123263d ago

I must admit that I am more excited to buy a game if it has trophies but i would only by it if i planned on buying it any. I wouldn't buy a game just for trophies. I enjoyed the demo for this game and I think it is a good buy for any fan of Star Wars. And FallOut 3 is a must buy regardless.

Alvadr3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Trophies are mandatory in game releases from 09.

Anyway, i disagree with PirateThom... I do play games for games.... I love trophies, I think they add to the whole gaming experience. Like in Uncharted, i found myself playing that game in a way I never did the first time round such as working on combos and shooting from the hip to take the guys down in one punch. Never bothered with any of that before trophies.

I will be buying burnout for trophies when the patch is released. Praying for GTA trophies and cant wait for Wipeout HD.

hfaze3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

As much as I have ragged on my 360-only owning buddies for being achievement whores, I can say that I have played Uncharted a good three times through since the trophy patch was released. (I have all but three of the Uncharted trophies now)

I can't say that I won't buy a game that doesn't have trophy support, but I can say that I have been enjoying hunting for trophies.

More developers need to start supporting this feature on the PS3. It's just ridiculous for new PS3 games to come out without support for trophies. I was more than a bit disappointed that "The Last Guy" didn't include trophies.

leyego3263d ago

if the game really apeals to me i wouldn't care.
but if its a generic title thats getting a little big of news then no way.

also if they can code achievements into the xbox ver of the game y not just translate that into trophies? it makes no sense, y go all the way and make achievements but not trophies?

lessthanmarcus3263d ago

From here on out. If it doesn't include trophies then I look at it like there wasn't enough effort put into the game. No trophies = no buy.

MiloGarret3263d ago

Trophies or achievemts haven't swayed me in any purchase so far, and they never will. I buy a game because it looks fun, the system I end up buying it for depends solely on which one the game looks/works/feels best. Like dmc 4 for ps3 (feel) or orange box 360 (feel/works).

bigman73873263d ago

Trophies are cool, but there's no reason to not buy a game if it doesnt have trophies. Otherwise I would miss out on some truly amazing games because the developer didn't want to use time and money to put them in.

Trophies are merely for show. It's like only playing a sport if you end up with a medal or a trophy, which is moronic.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3263d ago

Who cares about trophies, they are the most useless thing, they dont do anything, they dont account for anything except to tell all of how much spare time you have to waste, put your time into making money then you gain respect, you dont gain respect by making "trophies" whoa! how Fuc**** lame

INehalemEXI3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

A gamers brain releases more dopamine every time we get an achievement or trophy or unlock something. Why do you think phat lewtz, high scores and everything of the sort are in games. To make gameplay addicting.

Same way you see a brain scan and that the levels of dopamine spike when someone takes a hit of crank. Yet to a much lesser degree when it comes to digital crank (games).

I will buy a game regardless but I point to the fact that there are both trophy wh*res and crack wh*res. So they do have an effect on people. Its a bigger deal for some then others.

FantasyStar3262d ago

I would much more prefer "E-penis."

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DJ3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

I'm more inclined to play titles that have trophies. It's the reason I bought Super Stardust HD, and went back to play Uncharted and Warhawk.

Mr_Bun3263d ago

I did the same thing with Super Stardus and Warhawk...It also added even more replay value to Uncharted...There are games that I will get even if they don't have trophy support, but Stardust and Pixeljunk Eden wouldn't be on my PS3 without trophies.

gokuss1220023263d ago (Edited 3263d ago ) the uncharted self-implemented trophy system.

In mid-post I just thought of some wonderful trophy ideas.

I'll post in openzone (less post). Pleas Read Really Cool

MorganX3263d ago

At this point, no trophies, no buy for me.

MiloGarret3263d ago

SuperStardust HD is an amazing game, with or without trophies, best on psn imo.

INehalemEXI3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

I would rank it like this for PSN

1 Warhawk

2 Tekken 5DR Online

3 GT5P


If a game has tropy's it is an added benefit but I would not neglect a good game just because it had no trophy's.

MorganX3262d ago

Prepare for WipEout HD to take its rightful place atop your list.

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SullyDrake3263d ago

If you're primarily a PS3 gamer with a 360 for the exclusives, the lack of Trophies could be all one needs to consider the 360 version.

I want all games to have Trophies; you can't argue with extra free features.

bakagaijin783263d ago

I agree with this. I prefer my PS3 but I got a 360 for it's exclusives (like Fable & Mass Effect). I am torn on which system to buy Fallout 3 for...

SullyDrake3263d ago

... It'll perform better in every category on the PS3.

And I think a Trophy patch is all but guaranteed.

Alvadr3263d ago

From someone who owns both consoles i couldnt give a damn about acheivements.... Trophies FTW!!!

YoshiMeetsU3263d ago

"If Oblivion is any indication...
... It'll perform better in every category on the PS3."

Yes, because Oblivion came out 6 months later on the PS3 and they had extra time to polish it and then released an update for the 360 version that improved it as well.

Considering the 360 version has exclusive DLC and was the lead platform I would say the 360 version is the way to go. Everything you've seen in demo's, etc has been the 360 version.

Choose what you like but using Oblivion as an indicator is naive.

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

thats the only reason why im getting COD:[email protected]

i mean, once you beat a game with no trophies, what now? delete the saved data and everything you achieved goes down the drain??? you cant even show other people that you beat it or even have rewards for beating a game.

i think that trophies make the game more fun, challenging, and worth playing. i just like to have rewards when i achieve something challenging and have a nice trophy room in HOME if they still going to have the room, lol

PirateThom3263d ago

Sory, but it kind of reminds me of this...


SullyDrake3263d ago

Your high school picture is adorable PirateThom!