NPD Group: Xbox One's Victory Streak Ends With PS4 Winning November 2016

GameRevolution: "Entering November, the Xbox One has been outselling the PS4 in North America for four months in a row. Although many were hopeful that this would continue into 2017, the streak has officially come to an end."

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vigilante_man619d ago

Yep. Won every single month's world-wide sales since it came out.

It's only the US and UK where XB1 has won a few months with cuts and the new Slim. When MS start taking Playstation's lead and focusing on GAMES then we may see a difference.

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Herbalistic620d ago

Its crazy how some Xbox folks were celebrating Xbox One winning four months out of a whole year.

Overload620d ago (Edited 619d ago )

After all the Holiday Exclusive rants and articles, this is a big L. Make no mistake.

Read this

AngelicIceDiamond620d ago

For MS? Not really no need to over exaggerate,

BizarroUltraman620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

How is it a big L? Stop exxagerating, its back to normal...

LP-Eleven619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

In terms of numbers, yes, it will probably wipe most (if not all) of any gains the X1 made in those months. And, this is just November. December will widen the PS4's US total lead.

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ShowanW619d ago


"This is a big L..."

most sad and over exaggerated line of the night...

Microsoft can buy Sony outright in cash and not break from it...

Kribwalker619d ago

If you have 2 months of preorders released at one time, as well if you discount your new slim console to $249 and bundle 3 games with it I'd expect a big win.

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OB1Biker619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

Wow. Haha
Here's how people would nearly feel reading the propaganda stuff from that xbox site
'O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two ginscented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother'

When you think about it, it's scary that sort of brain washing is happening in this day and age in the media for gaming consoles.

Kryptix619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

I've seen the comments on that propaganda article you posted.

It seems like every comment done to hype up the PS4 has been edited by staff, but every Xbox pro comment has been left intact.

Xbox fanboys are truly pathetic.

Edit: I get a disagree which truly proves my point. :)

Markusb33619d ago

Npd are not that important Sony has been outselling xb1 globally since launch snd that never changed. Ff sold 700k in their home country Japan but sold 5 million world wide, which number do you think square likes best.

Angeljuice619d ago

I read that article, it fails to mention that whilst Xbox was "winning" it was being outsold by 120,000 a week worldwide.

How is losing on a slightly smaller scale than normal a "turning point"?

The gap is still growing, it's now at a ratio of 1.8:1 instead of 2:1.


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IndominusRex619d ago

Whats wrong with that? I could say (Its crazy how some Playstation folks were celebrating Playstation 4 winning eight months out of a whole year.)

mark3214uk619d ago

8 months? you mean 12 months, ps4 won worldwide everymonth since launch

xo only won in NA for a few months not worldwide

gamertk421619d ago

C'mon. The world doesn't count. It's all about North America.

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MagicBeanz619d ago

Its even more pathetic when you consider how many they've won since the launch of these new consoles in 2013. Overall probably not to many more then the four month streak they just had.

MRMagoo123619d ago

and that's only npd , world wide Sony has had top sales every day since launch.

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andrewsquall619d ago

You mean 4 months out of 30 months lol.

Angeljuice619d ago

What's crazier is that they were losing by ~120,000 units a week globally whilst claiming a victory.

Sony could show the Japanese sales figures and claim victory every month, but they're too classy for that.

Last week PS4 sold over 31,000 units in Japan, XboxOne sold 237 in total.

That is a far bigger margin than MS has ever had over Sony in the States.

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DarXyde619d ago

At the end of the day, I don't think anyone is losing sleep over these numbers.

And if they are, I hope they're investors.

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butchertroll620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

Xbone S is closing the gap, guys!!

4k upscale, UHD drive.....em....nope


"We have seen strong momentum for Xbox One since announcing the new Xbox One S at E3 in June. That momentum continued in November as gaming consoles were once again among the most sought-after products to buy over Black Friday weekend. In addition, we saw record engagement among Xbox One owners on Xbox Live as fans enjoyed new games and great deals. In fact, the total players online on Sunday, Nov. 27 was up 40 percent compared to last year. If you missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we are pleased to be extending our $50 off offer on all Xbox One S consoles for a limited time starting Dec. 11 at participating U.S. retailers. And if you're looking to pair your new Xbox One S with a brand new 4K TV, we're partnering with many leading retailers, including Best Buy, where you can save $150 and get a free Xbox Wireless Controller when you buy an Xbox One S with select 4K TVs."

They're back to Monthly Active Users

ThatGuyDart620d ago

Damn I wanted to know hot many shots were fired in Halo. Such crucial info.

jwillj2k4619d ago

"30 million bullets missed their target in Halo this November, while 3 million chainsaws connected against the zombie apocalypse in Dead Rising. This is the turning point year for Microsoft. With the console going down to the low $200s, 2-3 game bundles and 40% more users playing this Saturday as opposed to last Saturday, it's obviously the best time ever to be an Xbox gamer. 2017 will be the greatest games lineup in Xbox history again. Only Microsoft can string along the same 5-6 games announced years ago and make them still seem relevant. Xbox is the best box and Scorpio is the next box to knock the socks off of ps4s block. Don't wait, chop chop, go cop an Xbox for mom and pops."

Did that satiate your thirst for crucial Xbox info? Lol

yomfweeee620d ago

And back to nearly always discounted consoles.

Muzikguy619d ago

Have to do it to sell your product? Wasn't good enough to sell itself then IMO

Kribwalker619d ago

Did you see the bestbuy Black Friday sales on PS4 slim? $249 with 3 games, that's a discounted system

gamertk421619d ago

Huh. I guess that's not discounted? Lol

yomfweeee619d ago

Please don't confuse Sony's Black Friday deal with Microsoft's year-round sales.

Chevalier619d ago


If that's the case XB1 must be super budget, my store had bundled game systems, free Fallout4, free game of your choice and $50 off. Still got outsold by PS4. You try so hard. One store sale all you got? Lol.

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butchertroll619d ago

Guys, i just noticed something in MS's PR. Here is the part :

"That momentum continued in November as gaming consoles were once again among the most sought-after products to buy over Black Friday weekend."

Now they included a PlayStation in their PR. LOL!

leoms619d ago

I was thinking the same thing, lol!

Aura7541619d ago

They're not even talking about Monthly Active Users. Microsoft literally compared the number of active users on November 27, 2016 vs. November 27, 2015.

"In fact, the total players online on Sunday, Nov. 27 was up 40 percent compared to last year"

619d ago
CaptainObvious878619d ago


Not only do they need to retreat to talk about active users, they go so low they need to talk about a single day.

That's just so pathetic I have no idea why they chose to do that.

Muzikguy619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

What the heck does record engagement mean? Those people over at Microsoft sure like to throw big words around and disguise people from the truth. There were 40% more players online YOY huh? Sounds like a decline to me. Anything less than 100% would indicate a decline in sales. Considering the gap between 40 and 100, it doesn't seem the console has been selling as well as they'd like us to believe.

How's that for an analysis?! Next time please come at us with something more concrete MS, like how many zombies were killed in spaceland, or how many guns were swapped in Halo, or how many melée attacks were executed in Battlefield.

Bzone24619d ago

Either I don't understand what you are talking about or you aren't very good at math. You have 100 players online last year. You have 40% more online this year. This means you have 140 players online this year. Not a decline.

Muzikguy619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

Meaning that if you have those 100 people and you gain 40%more, yes you have 140, but the momentum which you gained people has gone down. So let's say that those theoretical 100 people represent 2 years on the market, and now at 40% they have 140. You don't see how the numbers went down? Obviously you're never going to always have 100% or better growth and I'd advise companies against that. I'm only saying that the rate at which they gained players shows that they didn't sell as many X1s as they want us to believe. Especially considering how they were selling more in the last year than they have previously.

And actually, math was my best subject. Where I said anything less than 100% would be a decline would only really work in year 2, but the X1 was supposedly selling so great this year. The numbers I'm seeing say otherwise

Did you see a story not that long ago where the X1 had this huge percentage jump and people were claiming how well they were doing because of it? Some people were ripping on Sony because they had a smaller number and automatically jumped at "MS is better because my numbers are biggah!!" When you have a lower initial install base it's easier to have a bigger percentage jump. Same thing that's going on here. I hope that clears it up 👍🏻

Bzone24618d ago

So how much percentage of growth in players online should they have had?

I'm sorry but no matter how you are trying to spin it, there was growth in players online. Now maybe there is a decline in the rate of which they are gaining players online, but the actual players online increased. I don't think you are going to see either console increase players online more than 50% yoy this many years into this generation.

At least I see your motivation of trying to get back at people for saying bad things about Sony with your last paragraph.

DashArrivals619d ago


The PS4 HAS NEVER lost sales to the Xbox One in World Wide sales. Regardless of NPD wins or not. PS4 is DOMINATING this so called 'console war'.

Playstation fans can be extremely happy for the future of gaming. Such great titles coming that you simply can't play anywhere else.

andrewsquall619d ago

Expect Xbone sales to start massively dwindling in January 2017 and this will continue every month until the saviour GDDR5 Scorpio is released. It happened to PS4 in August this year after Sony confirmed the Neo's existence at E3 2016 but they wouldn't be showing it yet until Sep and then launching it in Nov. What happened PS4 sales is proof of this.

Microsoft announcing the Scorpio so early is going to come back to bite them severely going into the first 6 months of next year.

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