Pocket Gamer: AMF Bowling Deluxe 3D Review

Pocket Gamer writes:

"I've never been that big a fan of ten-pin bowling. It's not so much the game itself (indeed, my 'unique' technique of throwing the ball up into the air, watching it crash down onto the floor, and pootle down the middle of the lane is actually quite successful), but rather the fact you have to put on someone else's sweaty shoes on for no other reason than... hang on, just why do we have to do that?

AMF Bowling Deluxe should be the ideal alternative, then; no sweaty, silly footwear and no spotty teenagers serving wet chips and salty coke. Just ten-pin bowling. With its pros come a few cons, however, most of which revolve around the developer's decision to take what could be a fairly simple title and try and make it 3D. In the end, it's a factor that doesn't really add anything to gameplay and only serves to complicate issues."

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