Pocket Gamer: Diner Dash Review

Diner Dash seems to be making the rounds in almost exactly the same way Flo does at her café.

Beginning on the PC then working its way onto the DS and mobile, this highly accessible little puzzle game has now been served up on the iPhone. But does this latest incarnation have any unique flavours to differentiate it from – in the case of the DS – the enjoyable, but slightly bland version that came before it?

Well, not wanting to spoil this review's climax, it's pretty clear even from the screenshots that we're being given a faithful conversion, rather than any kind of dynamic update to the culinary format. The iPhone offers some inherent updates purely on account of the hardware differences – coming as close to the PC version as we've seen so far – but it's not easy to recapture the game's original vitality now the novelty has worn off.

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