TVG: Fable 2: The Molyneux Interview

TVG finds the tables turned as Peter Molyneux puts the Fable 2 questions to them...

Chris Leyton writes:

"London's Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane and Microsoft's European preview event for Fable II. I was led into a regal room that made a dozen Xbox 360 pods look decidedly out of place, but quickly tuned out of the surroundings and zeroed in on some Fable II exploration. After what seemed like 30 minutes but was apparently 2 hours, I was drawn out of my transcendental state by a Microsoft PR person saying that Mr. Molyneux was ready to see me now.

So I sat down with the legendary developer and went through the motions. After the Q&A I left the interview room and had one of those Homer Simpson style, 'Hey, wait a minute' moments. Had I interviewed him or vice-versa?"

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4cough3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

FACTOID for you.....Fable 2 is going to have a higher average review ratio than any ps3 game the Autumn & Winter, FACT.

dkgshiz3592d ago

But no, LBP already murdered this title. As did MGS4. You sure do like your little factoids. This is never going to get the perfect reviews MGS4 got.

Freezingduck3592d ago

FACTOID for you.....Lair is going to have a higher average review ratio than any Xbox game the Autumn & Winter, FACT.

Immaculate3592d ago

I think Fable 2 will probably be my personal Game of the Year.

IQUITN4G3592d ago

This should at the very least be refreshing and replayable

Fingers crossed, i actually think this will deliver in a very big way

Fishy Fingers3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I'm not cross ;)