Trophies - How Similar Are They To Achievements?

With the birth of Xbox 360, Microsoft introduced Achievements. This changed the way people buy and play games period, people would play games multiple times just to get every last achievement, some people would buy games they wouldn't usually buy just for more achievements, and others would go hunting in that bargain bin for games they might have passed on just to get their gamer score where they want it. Microsoft indeed changed the game with Achievements, so much that Sony had no choice but to implement their own reward system, So here came the birth of trophies. But what are the main differences between Achievements and Trophies?

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shadowghost7523596d ago

I like trophies they add replayability (to an extent), to be honest they were seen as a joke when they first came out with only one game supporting it but they seem to be gaining popularity now.

By the way if anybody wants a complete trophy list there is a comprehensive list here:

Marquis_de_Sade3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

That list restored some of my faith in the trophy system, are SONY planning to make them mandatory at some point?

Now we need the process of viewing someone elses trophies on their profile polished up, takes far too long currently.

PirateThom3596d ago

From what Capcom mentioned off hand once, trophies are mandatory starting next year. I have noticed that even without them being mandatory, a lot of developers seem to be adding them anyway.

PirateThom3596d ago

The main/only difference is that Achievements give you a score, trophies allow you to level up.

That's it.

I know once Home comes out, trophies may have more meaning, but as it stands, they're the same basic thing.

OgTheClever3596d ago

I would agree with the point made about the loading time to see other peoples level and trophies. It takes around 10 seconds for me to load other peoples gamer-cards.

Hopefully in the future Sony will streamline it so less data needs to be loaded and you be able to see the information almost instantly.