Sky News Review: Smash Court Tennis 3

Considering that the Playstation 2's Smash Court Tennis 2 remains one of gaming's most underappreciated sports titles, it's almost surprising a sequel ever got made.

Namco would have been quite within their rights to pick up their racquets and balls and stomp home; muttering all the way about 'not knowing a decent tennis game if it hit them over the head with a drive volley'.

But of course that never happened, and so the series is back - but it returns to a radically different market, with Virtua Tennis 3 having raised the bar in terms of graphical fidelity; Wii Sports cornering the pick-up-and-play niche; and the sublime Top Spin 3 proving as good a tennis simulation as has ever appeared on a console. Tough crowd, huh?

To make matters worse, this isn't the all-new, bells and whistles next generation Smash Court Tennis 3 that fans might have expected.

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