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Aaron writes:

"I've been a fan of Kerbal Space Program (KSP) since the very early days. Somewhere around Version 0.18 I discovered it as a link from a gaming forum and fell in love. Back then, it was just a direct download from Squad’s website. Steam was a vague future possibility. There was no Mun (moon), no rocket parts beyond the basic solid fuel boosters and liquid fuel engines, no tutorial, and barely any UI."

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LordMaim501d ago

Have they fixed the saved game corruption issue yet? Because even if they have, the interface and UI on this was not optimized for console. Its basically the same as the PC version, just with worse controls. Avoid all console versions of this game, and just buy it on PC for less money, less issues, better performance and more mods.

Timesplitter14501d ago

It's an incredible game but I can't see a console version of this being a good idea. You need the keyboard and mouse