Media Molecule to deliver GameCity Vision Statement

LittleBigPlanet team Media Molecule is to deliver the BAFTA Vision Statement at this year's GameCity event.

The studio will discuss working on and shipping one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 titles in development, at the Gatecrasher venue in Nottingham, November 1.

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mfwahwah3412d ago

"(...)so we're thrilled to be able to return now having shipped LittleBigPlanet,' said Alex Evens of Media Molecule."

They shipped LBP already? o.O

PirateThom3412d ago

It's out in a month and a half, I'm guessing by shipped, he means "gone gold".

mfwahwah3412d ago

Good point, didn't think of that :P

CheesePie3411d ago

No he means that when he goes there LPB will all ready be shipped.