8 Game Series Sony Should Bring Back For PS4

Sorry Crash, but there are quite a few other characters gamers would rather see back on the big screen instead of you. No hard feelings, eh?

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FITgamer653d ago

List 8 games, puts one game on each page lol.

bouzebbal652d ago

You saved me a click thank u.
I would say Medievil

joab777653d ago

Dark Cliud and Legend of Dragoon would be great. But imagine how Sony could do so well in the mobile market with games like these. They should have done what Nintendo did offering PS Now etc on a device that also plays cheap mobile games. Sony could easily rival Samsung!

NukaCola652d ago

I want to see Gex make a return. An HD/VR reboot of N2O: Nitrous Oxide would be cool.

fenome651d ago

Yes! And Brave Fencer Musashi

skwidd653d ago

I hate sites that make you click 10 times to read the "article". In any case, they should obviously bring back Colony Wars. They totally got it wrong with No Man's Sky.

crazychris4124653d ago

Twisted Metal with lots of environmental destruction. For those that played the PS3 games, was it any good??

NapalmSanctuary652d ago

It was probably the least of the Jaffe TMs, still decent though. Better than TM3&4. I want a game like TM2 with the superior sound design of TMB.

2pacalypsenow653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Syphon Filter, Parasite Eve

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The story is too old to be commented.