OXM: Champions Online Preview

Superheroes have many qualities. Abilities beyond mortal men. The belief that to protect the law you must sometimes go beyond the law.

An unpardonable addiction to Spandex. But relevantly, they never give up. The latter is somewhat appropriate, as that's exactly the quality Los Gatos-based Cryptic Studios displayed to bring Champions Online into existence.

You may remember Cryptic working for Microsoft on the Marvel massively-multiplayer role-playing game (MMO). That fell through and left the developer at a loose end.

What now for men with the groundwork for a console-based superhero game? "One thing we knew we wanted to do was to create a next-gen game," says chief creative officer Jack Emmert. "We knew we wanted to do a console game. We know that the future of MMOs - well, it'll be a future, if not a big future -is on consoles like the 360."

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