IncGamers have been looking at the Japanese gaming industry and have just started a new feature which looks at the big news stories of the week.

Every Monday, readers can expect to catch up on all the latest from Japan via Jake Kawaguchi, IncGamers' Japanese correspondent.

This week: Find out why the 360 has been slow in Japan. Read about Yakuza and see why Pokemon are so popular.

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Leord3597d ago

No way, I am so in love with Japan =) They are so lovely weird. I need to get money to get over to Tokyo =P

thetamer3597d ago

It is a beautiful country

Laexerias3597d ago

but still beautiful, and thats what count.

Dorjan3597d ago

Japan, love to go but learning even a little of their language scares me!

Maticus3597d ago

Very different culture, will be good :)

thetamer3597d ago

but it's their attitude to gaming that is as different as their culture. Have a read...

TheColbertinator3597d ago

Nice job from IncGamers.I always like to hear news about the land of the rising sun.

Yakuza 3 looks phenomenal.Bring it to America,SEGA!