Skyrim “Special Edition” - What’s so special about it?

"With having no internet at the moment I’ve had a chance to go back through my steam library and play games I wouldn’t normally go back and play, and Skyrim is one of them. With the new remaster, and no modding capabilities while I’m offline, what better way to experience the game than the “Vanilla Deluxe” version."

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KingAlistair613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

" no modding capabilities while I’m offline " lol consoles.Also,modding tools???Ever heard about them more than 6-7+ years now???no?It shows.

gnashedout613d ago

LOLOLOLOL right?!?!?! Bahahahahaha. Holy crap that was some funny stuff. I was LOLing all over the place. Someone help me. I think I pissed myself!

Xenocide7613d ago

Isn't he playing it on Steam...?

Kokyu613d ago

"What so special about it? " you get to pay for it again......yeah

hirobrotagonist613d ago

I got the game for free on pc and I have over 200 mods installed (many of which I converted myself from the original Skyrim). Within 120 hours of gameplay I've only had 4-5 crashes (always mod related)and it looks beautiful. Even on my monster rig the original skyrim crashed regularly with half the mods I have now and it didn't look as good or run as well. I'm more than happy with the remaster.

KingAlistair613d ago

i have 600+ mods installed for my cousin,cleaned every dirty edit,ugrid 11 and never had a crash in 100 hours,ulta/4k/110+ fps unlocked.Looks massively better than the remaster.

hirobrotagonist613d ago

Is there no mod limit in the SE? Also, what are your pc specs if you're getting that FPS with mods? I have a pretty beastly system and my FPS took a big dive with all the mods I'm running and I even dropped down to 1080p. Also, isn't ugrids 11 extremely unreliable and causes a ton of glitches related to NPC AI behavior?

KingAlistair613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Sli asus 1080s oc,i7 5820k 4,4 ghz,32 gb ram.Its close to 600 last time i checked ugrids first at 7,9 and were stable.11 also seem stable,but i have the game for my cousin and brother.Havent seen any weird npc behaviour.Graphics mods i use are the usual such as DynDOLOD,climates of tamriel,folra overhaul,grass on steroids,parallax etc.Gonna try noble skyrim at some time.No aa,just reshade.

AndreR613d ago

It looks better than the original. It is obvious.

Perjoss613d ago

Its full fat 4k on the pro, its pretty special looking to be honest.

KingAlistair613d ago

For console players.For pc,2-3 out of 10 unmodded.

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