Eurogamer Review Wipeout HD

Eurogamer: "But in the end, it all comes down to impact. With its cool, clean design and mixture of chilled ambience and frantic action, WipEout has always been at the heart of the PlayStation brand - so it makes sense that all the stops have been pulled out to make this HD debut something truly stunning.

The extra effort has paid off. The result is a game that commands your attention, ruthlessly hauling your eyes into the flatscreen while tickling your brain with impeccable track design and spine-snapping speeds. Sackboy may be the new face of PlayStation, but the console just hasn't been the same without WipEout. It's great to have it back."

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AlterEgo3449d ago

That means the real score = 13/10

Rick Astley3449d ago

Was there ever any doubt? WipEout has always been one of Sony's best and most legendary franchises ever. September 25th can't come soon enough!

UNCyrus3449d ago

They give really tough reviews.... Considering they gave Infinite Undiscovery a 5/10, and other titles worse... this 9/10 stands alone as being really impressive, especially for just a PSN title

Daver3449d ago

i agree Eurogamer always give 7/10 or below... 9/10 is almost unbelievable from them

gaffyh3449d ago

IGN tend to give harsh reviews as well, if they give it a high score then this game must be really awesome

joemayo763449d ago

....but the console just hasn't been the same without WipEout. It's great to have it back."

couldn't have said it any better, waited soo long for another wipeout

Chris3993449d ago

Siren got an 8/10 (personally, I give it a 9, as I'm a survival horror fan).

And without stirring the pot too much, I have to say that Sony has done much more than it's competitors in providing FULL downloadable games; not ports or remakes or "retro" or half-baked software.

I'll be picking this up soon as it comes out. Oh, and for whoever hasn't tried Siren: BC yet, it's really a fantastic game. Sorta like Silent Hill, if not even weirder.

- C

omni_atlas3449d ago

Didn't eurogamer give Metal Gear Solid 4 a 8/10 ??

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juuken3449d ago

o-O Eurogamer gave this a 9/10?


AngryXbot3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

The PS3 Triple A games for this holiday season are almost upon us. The end is near for the 360.

Remember guys, WipeOut HD is not the true next gen WipeOut. This ultra slick game is merely WipeOut in High def. But the real WipeOut Next Gen, yes, that one is coming too (in the future). PS3 is unstoppable.

Marquis_de_Sade3449d ago

yes, the 360 is doomed....
Or not, the sequel to one of the biggest (and arguably the 1st true 'next gen' game) is coming to 360 this year, as well as fable 2, left 4 dead and banjo kazooie.
I agree the PS3 has a very good line up for the rest of this year, but to disregard the 360 in such an off hand manner is folly.
Anyway, this game looks like a dead cert purchase for me.

AngryXbot3449d ago

The first true next gen game is Metal Gear Solid 4, not gays in war 1.

While Gears of war is a big title, its merely on the same level as a game like SOCOM. Bots like you talk like as if it is the best game ever made.

And the other games you mentioned? Nothing but crap and inferior substitutes.

DarthTigra 3449d ago

No Gears 1 and Uncharted imo were the first next gen games. MGS4 was on a whole nother level.

Marquis_de_Sade3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I would like to make it clear im not an 'xbot' or a 'droid' for that matter, also please refrain from using big words such as delusional as you have used that term incorrectly. To be exited for a game you like is not to act in a delusional manner, its simply a matter of preference. Personally I look forward to fable 2 more than any other game this winter, although LBP runs it very close.

Symptoms: Rabid spouting of false information backed up by words you don't understand, failure to understand the meaning of opinion and personal preference and use of trash slang.
Diagnosis: A severe case of fanboyism.
Treatment: A step outside and a shot of reality.

What the.. I agreed with Juukens original comment, then posted a neutral reply to Xbot dude and get a shed load of disagrees? this place is beyond help -_-

Drekken3449d ago

Marquis_de_Sade, you have fun playing with Nuts and Dolts...

This site is currently feeling a HUGE backlash from PS fans for the many, many months the idiot xbots put them through hell. The quality of games has emerged and the playstation's true colors are showing their face... and with that more PS fans have been voicing their opinion. Xbox seems last gen lately.

Marquis_de_Sade3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

No, I will be having enough fun with Fallout 3, LBP (these 2 cant come soon enough) and hopefully fable 2 if my mate gets it for his 360 :P (having had 3 360s break, i declined the option of a 4th). Possibly resistance 2 as well, but not too sure as I found the 1st rather lacklustre.
Worthy of another slew of disagrees...

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

Hmm...Has the words 'Something truly stunning' been used for any xBox 360 games this year???
;-D ;-D ;-D

Drekken3449d ago

Thats fine and acceptable... but dont go touting Banjo around like it is even slightly appealing. You arent even buying it.

You are arguing about better games when 2/3 of your choices are on PS3. I will be getting FO3 and LBP... unfortunately my informed consumer subconscious will not let me buy a 360 for Fable2... But the game does look a little too PS2ish for me.

And I didnt disagree with you.

dukadork3449d ago

we appreciate your grand maturity and wisdom: you're so fair and balanced gamer, it's making me dizzy.

unfortunately the truth is, the 360 is an overhyped POS, a shameless con for buffoons who don't know how to run an addition and don't mind being told where to jump, the ps3 is now rising up in full unstoppable force and it makes a lot of gamers slightly uncomfortable with themselves while trying to turn coat mid flight.

if you look at the ps3 lineup, it covers the entire gaming spectrum, and killer games are coming out in all genres.

add to this Home and bluray taking off, no the 360 isn't 'doomed', it's just about to get the massive whoopin it deserves cuz it's no match for the ps3.

juuken3449d ago

Marquis...why so srs? :D

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Antan3449d ago

Great review and a great start to the many incoming reviews, hopefully this score sets a trend with the rest.

Fishy Fingers3449d ago

Best PSN title to date? Certainly, from the hands on previews (and early reviews) it appears so.

Who's buying? Agree = yes, Disagree = no.

OgTheClever3449d ago

I think it's finally time to upgrade my 40gig hard-drive.

Brixxer6003449d ago

You and me both, don't think that i can put it off any longer, with all the games that are about to get released upgrading my HDD is the last thing that i need but it's going to be essential.

himdeel3449d ago

...with a 40 gig PS3 for too long. I think it's time to upgrade my HD as well and go with at least a 200+ gig HD. Going to be so broke at the end of the year :( I wonder if I could use duck and cover ala GeoW to avoid paying the power and light bill during the month of December. I can dream...

Panthers3449d ago

This is impressive coming from Eurogamer. I am glad too. This game looks fantastic. There are just too many games coming. I hope this doesnt get overlooked by too many people.