Euro 360 price cut next week?

From "Microsoft will formally announce a price cut for the 360 in Europe next week, an industry insider has confirmed.

"Speaking to, the industry insider – who understandably wishes to remain anonymous – said that Microsoft is to confirm the price cut at a European event the company is due to hold during the week of 22 September.

"According to our source, the price cut was due to be one of Microsoft's major announcements at the event. Although our source added that it may not have the same impact now, following last week's Woolworths leak.

"Our source confirmed that the prices shown in the leaked Woolworths catalogue image – GBP 129.99 for the Arcade, GBP 169.99 for the 60GB model and GBP 229.99 for the Elite – were official.

"Our source also added that the leak had left Microsoft fuming, and that all of the above information came directly from Microsoft."

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dale13475d ago

price cutting again,didn,t MS say there console didn,t need one and it was the longest console not too out there at its entry point. now ps3 and the wi comes out its bargain bin madness no profit this year for MS.

InfiniteUnfloppery3475d ago

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures,I would not be surprised if they packed in a Zune and a Copy of Vista with their Xflop Console,because as they say,Flops of a Feather Flop Together

DanB913474d ago

Unfloppery, you officially win the internets

socomnick3475d ago

Well this is good I hope alot of our european friends save some money with this pricecut.

cahill3475d ago

You need games not price cut to appeal to europeans

PS3 has the best library this FAll with MOTORSTORM 2 being the fav game of the europeans

x360 already costs 1/3 as much as a ps3 in europe and still it gets outsold 2:1 by PS3 there
price cut wont have any impact

PirateThom3475d ago

cahill, it's not that the 360 doesn't have games, but look at the pending section for the Spain and Germany charts, lots of PC games.

Europe is still very much PC dominated (console gaming only really took off in Europe with the PlayStation) and the 360 offers nothing to PC gamers.

Capt CHAOS3475d ago

I reckon Wii and PS3 will have to follow suite to keep up in sales this xmas..

DavidMacDougall3475d ago

The ps3 don't need a price cut its a quality piece of hardware that costs money not buttons

cahill3475d ago

Arcade is already at 150 pounds in UK
PRO is 179 pounds
despite the price tag ps3 is outselling x360 in UK and in europe by A VERY BIG margin
price cut wont drive x360 sales in Europe . MS should just give uo on europe i must say

Europeans are looking at games library and ps3 clearly has the edge this Fall --Wipeout HD, Naruto, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, LBP , Socom , Bioshock and ES (ps3 versions)

whoelse3475d ago

They have already cut the price in Europe this year so I recon a second will have little impact, as did the first.

Shadow Flare3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

They're dropping the price because they have to. PS3 is alot more expensive then the 360, yet beats it every month in sales. 360 has always been cheaper then ps3 and ps3's beat it every month in sales. 360's cheaper then the wii and the wii smashes it in sales. So they have to drop the price, because basically, no-one in europe (bigger picture: world) is interested in the 360. Because they obviously see more value in the ps3. The fact that 360 is getting into ps2's competitive price range is almost laughable. Lack of interest is whats led to another price cut within 6 months, that's all there is to it.

thor3475d ago

the disagree bandits seem to be out in force today. Oh and lest I forget,

To whoever is reading this, you are NOT a moron.

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PirateThom3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

The 360 is already the cheapest console in Europe (and the HDD model is barely more expensive than the Wii):

Arcade - £160
Wii - £180
60GB Pro - £200
120GB Elite - £260
80GB PS3 - £300

Just goes to show how much it's getting kicked around in Europe if it needs another price drop this year.

Capt CHAOS3475d ago

Also, the 180 model needs to come down to match the Wii and the Arcade really is a bit of a naff deal me things, though doesn't it come with wireless controllers now?

PirateThom3475d ago

Yeah, the Arcade now has wireless controllers.

I do think the Elite is way overpriced.

If I was Microsoft:

Pro - £180
Elite - £220

Drop the Arcade entirely

GameOn3475d ago

I think the price range MS should be looking at is:
£100,£150 and £200 respectively.

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