IGN: Pokemon Platinum Hands-on

IGN writes: "Back in the day there was Pokemon Yellow, a kind of recap and review of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green that was bolstered by the special role played by Pikachu. This time around, Pokemon Platinum is doing the same kind of service for Diamond and Pearl, remaking those games with new features and placing special emphasis on the Giratina Pokemon. We picked up the Japanese version on the weekend and put it through its paces, finding a game that's both familiar and fresh and reminding us, yet again, what makes the Pokemon world keep turning."

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SullyDrake3568d ago

I'll probably be getting this day-one.

fan_of_gaming3568d ago

i just picked up diamond to play on my sister's DS and i had forgotten how much fun it is. i even got Darkrai, Shamin and Arceus ;)

mirroredderorrim3568d ago

LOL! I am still waiting on Pokemon Emerald, Aluminum, Onyx, and Copper.

All bullsh** aside, I used to clamor for these games. I stopped with Pokemon Crystal, though.

Kami3568d ago

emerald is already out.
i really want the Pokemon gold and silver remakes.
anyway this game is day one purchase for me and for my bro.

KingDizzi3568d ago

What a phenomenon this franchise is, Nintendo know they struck gold when there latest DS Pokemon game sold 15 Million.

DevastationEve3568d ago

Gosh, I stopped at the Pokemon Trading Card Game back on the GameBoy Color. I also had Yellow, and I was friggin into the whole shebang. That was like 8 years ago.

I played the GB Advance games (I think they were Gold and Silver?) but I stayed away from buying them. I was way too obsessed for my own good!

LeonSKennedy4Life3568d ago

Gold and Silver were still on GBC.

Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Crystal were on GBA.

BTW...Pokemon FTW!!!

I have Pearl and I love it!

Wii60Fan3568d ago

When Nintendo runs out of precious metals/stones to name their pokemon games?

Black Maverick3568d ago

A Pokemon MMO, of course. If you think about it, the Pokemon universe is perfectly designed to be an MMO but Nintendo's approach to online gaming is still pretty awkward. Hopefully, they'll move towards a system similar to Xbox Live and the PSN which would make a Pokemon MMO more possible.

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