SOCOM: Confrontation Hands-On Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "SOCOM: Confrontation is certainly looking good at this point. The only real issue here seems to be the lag, and since the development team has said explicitly that they are working to resolve this issue, don't count on it as being that big of a problem in the final release."

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TheColbertinator3564d ago

I also think the lag is the only problem.Other than that,the guns are fine,visuals are decent,sound is spot-on and the maps are well made.

pansenbaer3564d ago

Why does everybody always have to say that the SOCOM single player campaign has always been lackluster. That was the original reason I bought the SOCOM game and loved all 4 campaigns that I played through. I was really hoping for another single player campaign in this game and was slightly disappointed when I heard there wasn't going to be one. I'm sure the multiplayer experience will be great and will be getting this game on day one. Hopefully Zipper will bring a SOCOM game out after MAG.

aiphanes3564d ago

But the beta has been good, except for the lag...a lot of people are hating on this socom...when it is visually worlds better than the old socom...sure there is lag...but remember the warhawk beta? The Final version of this game will be just as long as there are a lot of maps and the lag is gone. it looks like they are using the warhawk the graphics were always gonna be good.

perseus3564d ago

Does the actual game look better than the movie they released a while ago? (It's on the Japanese PSN now, but I don't know when it was released.)

Character models okay? Weapons look good?

mindedone3564d ago

as I have not played them. But one thing I can tell you is that this game is fun. I can't tell you how great it is when you're clicking with a random group of people you have never played with before. I was on the shelf about this game, since I'm not really into multiplayer, but this one is a day one.

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