Bungie game announcement next week

From "Bungie is to announce its much talked about new game next week, an industry insider has revealed.

"Speaking to, an industry insider has confirmed that Microsoft is due to hold an event in Europe next week, where Bungie is due to take the wraps off its next game – the first title the studio has developed since splitting from Microsoft.

"Unfortunately, our source – who obtained this information directly from Microsoft – was unable to confirm what that game will be. As such, it's unknown whether the new title will be Halo 4, or indeed whether it will be related to the Halo universe in any way, shape or form.

"Our source also revealed that Rare may be set to announce a new game as well."

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TheColbertinator3411d ago

For Bungie,I hope its Halo 4

As for Rare,I hope its Killer Instinct 3D

gaffyh3411d ago

I'd like to see Bungie do something other than Halo, it's all they've made for years and Halo 3 was not great.

Whatever at least they've confirmed that they will be revealing their game. I have no hope for Rare, it already looks like they ruined Banjo, and they'll probably ruin any other IP they try to revitalise.

AAACE53411d ago

I hope Bungie's new project is something totally different not related to Halo!

I believe Bungie was getting tired of making Halo games and would like to do something different. Don't worry though... as MS has the code for Halo, and as long as it's in the hands of a capable studio... it could be handled well. You never know... the next studio could probably make Halo better that expected! They just might give it to Rare!

As for Rare... In a way I would like for them to bring back some of their old franchises, but then again, I would like for them to do something new, so they can gain some of their respect back from gamers.

Deadman643410d ago

I'd love for rare to do jet force gemini

borgome3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

For Bungie - Brand spankin new shooter

For Rare - Remake of Golden Eye 007

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socomnick3411d ago

Sits back next to steven.

TheColbertinator3411d ago

How you doing,Nick? Lets see what they say today

InMyOpinion3411d ago

Sits down inbetween nick and Steven and says "Is it gay in here, or is it just me?".

Omega43411d ago

September 25th is next week i wonder if that rumour about 12 new exclusive games is true

TheColbertinator3411d ago

Its possible.Hopefully they are not just XBLA games but full 1st or 3rd party games from Microsoft.

Freak of Nature3411d ago

That would be nice,but..........I'll believe it when I see it,only then.

Halo 4 will come in due time.I want to see an all new IP from Bungie to go with it. A Mario,Ratchet,Jak type act/adv/platformer...? Ok,a guy can dream can't he?

An all new Conker game from rare would be ideal. If not Conker then a new Jet Force Gemini 2...?

Sanzee3410d ago

Listen to Bungie's Podcast. It's really amazing and talks alot about when new announcements are coming. It gives minor hints towards current projects and a few weeks ago Bungie said "U2 (or Halo 3 Update 2) won't be the only reveal coming in the last week of September".

Their working on 3 projects so obviously some will be Halo and others will not be Halo.

I'm stoked!!!

ape0073411d ago

I want a halo game that's actually as good as halo 1


thats has been my one wish over the last 5 years... sadly i don't think it will ever happen.

i wish it would, i really do.. but i think halo has joined the ranks of such great IP's with the totally awesome fist jump onto the scene, and then the inevitable sequels that never meet up to quality set by the first.

anyway, whatever they are doing i hope its good... i hope it has real heart in it, and less " test tube " approach to it, if anyone knows what i mean.

Raoh3411d ago

i cant stand mircosoft but a friend had the original xbox and i cant tell you how much we played and enjoyed halo 1.. some of the best and most fun co op we ever played..

after that his xbox went in the closet.. we tried halo 2 (puke)

and i bought a 360 and halo 3 (puke)

cherrypie3411d ago

From Metacritic:

Halo: Combat Evolved - 97/100
Halo 2: 95/100
Halo 3: 94/100

The Halo series has a better average score than almost any other series.

Stop talking smack, every one of those games is an absolute classic.

mfwahwah3411d ago

Aww shucks, my opinion was wrong. I guess I'll look toward review scores for all of my opinions.

GTA IV wasn't boring at all, it is the most fun game I currently own (I was way off with my personal opinion).

And apparently I was completely wrong about how much I didn't like Assassin's Creed.

Thank you so much for teaching me to blindly follow corporate ratings when forming an opinion on videogames. I now understand why Halo is a classic, and why I now love that game more than any other. I don't even have it and I love it now!!!!!

I hate when people don't condone opinions on sites with services dedicated to "discussion." It REALLY irks me. One of my biggest pet peaves actually.

TheColbertinator3411d ago


Precisely.I thought GTA4 was a snore fest,Assassins Creed was brilliant and Dark Cloud 2 is my favorite game of all time even though it has only an 87 on Meta.Ridiculous.There will possibly never be a Halo game as good as the first one.The story was epic,the premise was original,the multiplyer was amazing,and it was polished to the bone.

Halo 2 and Halo 3 were great games but Halo 1 was simply a masterpiece on another higher level.

Final_Rpg3410d ago

OK pal, you just keep living your life based on metacritic. Doesn't matter what the public thinks, just metacritic. Why don't you just get metacritic to make all of your judgements? Would that make you happy? I bet it would.

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predator3411d ago

Bungie - something new and not halo

Rare - Killer Instinct 3

Mr_Bun3411d ago

I think it has to be halo way Bungie will give up that cashcow!

Fishy Fingers3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

Totally agree. New Killer Instinct would be great and would definitely get me back on the 360. Bungie, again I agree, I hope it's something new and fresh, I don't want Bungie to become type cast to Halo, they have more to offer.

But, yeah, if I was a betting man Id have to say something Halo related.

cereal_killa3411d ago


Why do you think Bungi wanted to be released from M$ they want to do something other than Halo. Sometimes you can only take a franchise so far.. not saying Halo is dead but i think Bungi want to move on and try to do something else. I think the only reason there still doing anything related to Halo right now is to finish there contract with M$.

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